DASL (Student Information) Update

Let’s look forward to the 2020-2021 school year!

Now that the majority of items are wrapping up for the 19/20 school year below are some reminders for next school year which will be here before we know it!

  • Don’t forget to add your 20/21 Calendar EMIS Exceptions data. If you would like NEOnet to add the EMIS Exceptions for you please submit a ticket to studenthelp[at]neonet[dot]org
  • Students that withdraw from your district before June 30th should be whacked in 20/21. After June 30th it is best practice to withdraw the student in 20/21 using a summer date of anything past 7/1/20.
  • If making changes on students FS, FD, or FN records in 20/21 make sure you check the box to Exclude at the bottom of the page.
  • Study Hall Wizard is a great tool to place a study hall or academic assist class on a free period a student has on their schedule. Study Hall Wizard can be run without finalizing your schedule, but should be ran after the majority of the students schedules are complete.
  • Don’t forget that you can use the Single Student Scheduler to schedule new students that enroll over the summer into their 20/21 classes. It’s a quick way to place them into classes that still have open seating.
  • Bulk assigning of course fees and homerooms by period cannot be done until the schedule is finalized in 20/21.

If you need additional help on any of the items above please contact studenthelp[at]neonet[dot]org


EMIS Update:

  • Reminder to update your 19/20 Calendars to reflect COVID-19 reporting changes for your district. 
  • Review the NEW COVID-19-Related EMIS Reporting Guidance section in the EMIS manual.  This was added on 5/28/2020.  Information includes CTE Technical Assessments, Grade 3 Retained status and Calendar guidance.
  • The next round of Data appeals will be released in August.


  • ODE/EMIS sessions- Please sign up for the June training via STARS. The next trainings will be held June 22-26.
  • The EMIS and Special Education Partnership – We will have a session after the Special Education Roundtable on September 25th 10:30am – 11:30am.  


Special Services Update
Migration Complete
All NEOnet districts will be migrated to the new Sps Refresh by June 18.  This has been a big undertaking for the Special Services team to move over 92 districts!  We would like to congratulate everyone for their efforts in this move.

Document Import
One of the many new features with the new Special Services software is the new Document Import. Once a student enrolls into your district with their SSID# their special services documents will move with them and be immediately available. There is no longer a need to send a request to districts unless they are using a different software. 

Special Services Admins/Masters will be able to select Settings>Document Import and search for the student.  All documentation can be found on the Dashboard homepage under the question mark in the upper right corner.


Looking for high-quality, standards-aligned course content to enhance your classrooms?  Jefferson County ESC offers K-12 courses which are available through ProgressBook VirtualClassroom. Jefferson County ESC course content is currently available for all of our districts to import and review now through June 20th.  If you do decide to go with VirtualClassroom and purchase Jefferson County Content for the 2020-2021 school year it is available for an unbelievable cost of $3.00 per student!! This cost includes content, training and support!  Content from Jefferson County may also be modified to meet the needs of your students!  Click here for full instructions on how you can begin reviewing Jefferson County Content today!

VirtualClassroom is also available without Jefferson County content as an LMS option for the upcoming school year. VirtualClassroom is an LMS with many great features and free to begin using today!  VirtualClassroom is part of the GradeBook, fully integrated with the entire ProgressBook Suite!  The online assignments from VirtualClassroom will instantly appear in the student’s ProgressBook account (ParentAccess) as the teacher publishes the assignment.  As the students complete the assignment the marks will automatically update into the assignment in the teacher’s gradebook.  There is no worries that the students will not get the assignment, no need to sync assignments, no worries that marks will be missed.  All Online Assignments from all of the student’s classes will display in the student’s ProgressBook account on the Planner, Dashboard, Grades, and Activities page!  The students may start the Online Assignment from any of these pages!  Teacher also have the advantage of being able to view the actual Online Assignment as the student works on the assignment, prior to the student completing the assignment!


Teachers may begin creating content today to be ready for next school year.  The content remains from year to year.  All the teacher’s will need to do at the beginning of each school year is to designate which class(es) will receive the content.  All of the features of GradeBook are still available, Notification to parent(s) and/or student(s), post homework and creating groups for differentiation.  Click here to view a full presentation on VirtualClassroom.


Please contact NEOnet at studenthelp[at]neonet[dot]org or (330) 926-3900 x601112 for a customized demo for your district!


Student Services Update