All trainings will be held in the NEOnet Lab (unless otherwise stated) Please sign up using our calendar links:

6/27/19- Student Services Open Lab 9:00 am – 11:00 am
7/10/19- Student Services Open Lab 1:00 pm– 3:00 pm
7/18/19- Student Services Open Lab 9:00 am – 11:00 am
7/25/19- Student Services Open Lab 9:00 am – 11:00 am

All ProgressBook Suite Products
Please review the updated ProgressBook Suite Requirements announced by Software Answers starting with the 19.0 release coming in July. 
As of v19.0.0, we will be fully supporting only Google Chrome and Safari for our application suite. We do not expect the products to stop functioning in IE, Firefox, or Edge overnight, but please make users aware that we will be dedicating full support only to Google Chrome and Safari as of v19.0.0. The End Requirements Cheat Sheet can be found here.
Microsoft has recently dropped their support of Internet Explorer, so Software Answers can no longer develop new features and test them in a browser that will no longer receive updates. In addition, Software Answers used Google Analytics to find that not enough users are utilizing Mozilla Firefox to warrant Quality Assurance resources. Microsoft has announced its intent to base Edge on the Chromium source code, using the same rendering engine as Google Chrome with enhancements Microsoft develops. We expect the products will function in Microsoft Edge in the same way they do in Google Chrome today. 


EMIS Update:
ACT/SAT Gifted reporting in DASL
All students taking the ACT or the SAT should have the Screening checkbox selected for the appropriate areas of these assessments on the Student Gifted Record screen. On the Gifted Rules Maintenance screen, you can set up a gifted rule to update the gifted screening status for the 11th grade students when you process the Gifted Mass Update. You must manually mark the gifted screening status for students in grades other than grade 11 who take the ACT or SAT.

​ACT Screened Areas:

  • Math
  • Reading/Writing
  • Science 

SAT Screened Areas:

  • Math
  • Reading/Writing

On the Student Gifted Record screen, you must also manually update the Identified checkbox and Identified Date field for any students who have met the threshold score achieved in the subject area. Additional information regarding the threshold scores for these assessments can be found at the following link:

Preschool Assessments – If your Pre-School students attend an ESC, the resident district must report the Child Outcome Summary (COS) and PS ELA scores. 


ODDEX is now available in OH|ID.   Although the old sign on is still available, ODE will be phasing that out so please make sure that you have an OH|ID account and the ODDEX tile is showing on your dashboard.

Confirm or Submit Your District Profile Link

The Ohio Department of Education offers school districts, community schools and Career Technical Planning Districts the opportunity to submit links to webpages that describe their unique qualities and successes. The links appear on districts’ annual Ohio School Report Cards. Any district that intends to set up a profile page for this year’s report card must submit a URL for that link by June 30.
Users can access the links by logging in to OEDS through the OH|ID portal (formerly SAFE) and viewing the Organization Identity box under the header, District’s Profile Page. Superintendents should review their links now to make sure they are correct and that the web content associated with them is still relevant.  For questions, please email Marianne Mottley or call (614) 995-9944

Special Services Update

Closing Procedures:

June 21, 2019 –Sign-Off Form due to NEOnet.  Please have all Tasks Completed with the exception of any progress reports still in use.  

June 28, 2019 at 3pm – Special Services will be shut down.

The Sign-Off Form can be found at the following link:

19.0 Refresh Update:

The Sps 19.0 Refresh Kickoff Meeting was attended by staff from 21 districts this past Friday. A presentation by Joe Petrarca, Associate Director of the Office of Exceptional Children and a demonstration of the software was given by Software Answers.  Coventry Local Schools and Maplewood Career Center will pilot the new software.  A timeline will be developed to move all districts over during the 2019-2020 school year.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


Student Services Update