eFinancePLUS Update

Brunswick City Schools and Cloverleaf Local Schools, along with the fiscal team, have been working hard toward our goal of “Go Live” on 7/1/17.  We are happy to report that both Brunswick and Cloverleaf have submitted their first payrolls through eFinancePLUS!  Now that both districts have closed out FY17 in their legacy software, they are converting the accounting side to be live in eFP for FY18.


Fiscal Redesign Oversight Committee (FROC)

On May 24, 2017 the FROC committee met and made the following recommendations to the Ohio Department of Education as summarized by Geoff Andrews, CEO MCOECN;

  • It is a fundamental requirement of the project to maintain the current project management in place, for reasons of oversight, leadership, communication and independent perspective.
  • The fiscal redesign project should continue with the pilot in four districts this fall and move to implementation with up to a dozen districts with four ITCs in January of 2018, as recommended by the Project Manager.
  • The User Acceptance Testing Team be retained
  • The testing and development by the SSDT for compatibility with the list of ITC-identified programs and reports continue
  • The requirements planning and development of the Accounts Receivable, Workflow, and Inventory modules continue. 
  • The FROC acknowledges that the project would benefit from additional funding.  Subsequent to the outcome of the biennium budget process, and anticipating decreased funding for the project, the FROC proposes that all users of the Classic or Redesign software be assessed an annual fee to assure adequate project funding for FY18.  Beginning in August of 2017, the FROC will analyze the Redesign project funding needs and, collaboratively with ODE, recommend a user fee funding stream for all schools and entities using USAS/USPS Classic or Redesign software.  The intent of this analysis and future recommendation is to assure a fully funded project through the creation of a long-term program budget and funding plan.

Below is the overall implementation schedule through 2018:

Upcoming Trainings/Meetings

7/13          Open Lab                                                   9:00 - 3:00

8/11          USPS Roundtable                                      9:00 - 11:00

8/11          USAS Roundtable                                     1:00 - 3:00

8/16         Treasurer's Operating Committee              12:00 - 2:00

Fiscal Update