MOE Reminder

Please remember to check your Safe Account to verify that your district has passed MOE. The period closes August 31st. If you need corrections, please contact the fiscal team as soon as possible.


FY21 Treasurer’s Operating Committee

Below is a list of the FY21 Treasurer’s Operating Committee Meeting dates.  All meetings begin at Noon. We will hold the August meeting via Zoom only.  The agenda and Zoom invitations will be send out a week prior to each meeting.  We look forward to your participation.

August 19

October 21

December 16

February 17

April 21


The Do’s and Don’ts of USPSr Preparation

Below are some tips to ensure a successful migration to USPSr:


Please do not delete a DEDSCN that is no longer being used. This will cause issues with the employee’s check history not loading accurately in USPSr.

If the DEDSCN needs to be stopped, please use the Stop Date field. USPSr cannot load a deduction if there is no Rate. We have found this happening a lot on Direct Deposit Records.


Please do not delete a JOBSCN that is no longer in use. This will cause issues with attendance records not loading accurately.

If a JOBSCN is no longer being used please make sure the Job Status has been set a “9” for terminated and update the Benefit Eligibility flags to “N”. This has been causing a balancing issue in Redesign. It does not ignore employees in the same manner that Classic does.

New Hire Reporting

Run NEWHIRE and review those that are still showing as reportable. Any Hire Dates that are not current please review the employee and confirm they have been reported to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. If they have been reported, please update the BIOSCN with an “R” and date reported.


It is extremely important you remember to run SERSMONTH and STRSMONTH at the end of each month. When the data is pulled into USPSr and S*RSMONTH hasn’t been ran it will double of the amounts on various deductions that appear  on the Quarter Report for the Quarter, Calendar Year, and Fiscal Year. This can also impact the W2 Federal, State, Medicare, and City Tax Withholdings.


Fiscal Update