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Dash and Dot- With block coding apps for ages 6+ and the ability to respond to voice, navigate objects, dance, and sing, Dash and Dot are the perfect elementary introduction to robotics and coding.

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Cubetto- Interested in pre-K and kindergarten coding? Cubetto is a sturdy wooden robot that uses simple stories, blocks, and a map mat (not complicated electronics or apps) to teach coding.

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LEGO WeDo- LEGO WeDo joins LEGOs with a motor, sensors, and a computer connected hub. Drag and drop programming and a ready-to-go curriculum make WeDo a natural fit for upper elementary students.

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Osmo- If your school is 1:1 with iPads, Osmo is a great way to bring augmented reality to the classroom. With a mount for the iPad and a variety of apps, the camera records the action in front of the device and integrates it into the app using drawing, blocks, tangrams and more.

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3Doodler Start- 3D pens have been a Makerspace mainstay, but the possibility of burns kept them out of most elementary settings. The 3Doodler is the first one that is safe and easy to use with younger students. Its new filament melts at a much lower heat and it has a chunky shape that small hands can hold easily.

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Bloxels- Do you have students who are gamers? If you have an iOS or Android tablet or a Kindle Fire, you can download the Bloxels Builder app and use the physical Bloxels board to create your own characters and game layouts. Fans of Minecraft’s pixelated fun will love the feel of the game, and teachers will recognize the platform style from the original Mario games.

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Code-a-Pillar- Created for children ages 3-6, the Code-a-Pillar introduces coding, sequencing, programming, and critical thinking skills to young students. Large plug and play pieces control the robot’s movements, lights, and sounds, and a free companion app adds to the fun.

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Bee-Bot- Another durable lower elementary robot, Bee-Bot uses simple commands (forwards, backwards, left and right) entered with big, colorful buttons to move along a grid.



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