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All trainings are currently being held Webinar. Please look for the connection details on the calendar appointment or reach out to us.
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1/15/21- DASL Public Course Request Module 9:00 AM
1/21/21- DASL Public Course Request Module 1:00 PM
1/28/21- DASL Mass Course Request demo 1:00 PM
1/28/21- SPS Review User Training 3:00 PM
2/5/21- DASL Public Course Request Module 9:00 AM

2/11/21- DASL Mass Course Request demo 9:00 AM
2/11/21- SPS Review User Training 7:30 AM
2/18/21- DASL Batch Scheduler 12:30 PM


DASL (Student Information) Update

Now that most schools have completed or will soon be finished with 1st semester, there may be a few forgotten features or reports dealing with student marks that might assist you as a DASL user!

Student Exception Credit: SIS > Student > Marks > Student Exception Credit
This screen lets you establish a credit exception for an individual student in a specific course section. For example, if a course is worth 1.00 credit, but the school decides to only award the student 0.5 credit. The specified exception credit amount is applied as the attempted credit value for GPA calculation and reporting course history for the student.  There is also a report at Local-Analytics Hub- Marks- Student Exception Credit that will list all the exception credits you awarded this school year.

Student GPA History: SIS > Student > Course History > GPA History
This screen will show each GPA calculated for a student in current and prior years. However, the best feature on this screen is you can click on the GPA Set Name and the Student GPA Supporting Details screen opens. It displays each course, credit, and point used to calculate the GPA. It is a wonderful resource to troubleshoot a student’s GPA calculation should there be a question.

Graduation Points: Now that some high school students may have completed some 1st semester courses and earned credit, don’t forget to utilize the following screens to view their graduation progress: Grad Points Summary, Grad Points Search, and DataMap Graduation Points extract.

Beneficial Analytic Hub reports: If you do not see these options in your districts DASL please submit a ticket to studenthelp[at]neonet[dot]org
Specified Marks by Student- aka R302A in Excel format. This report will list specified Marks by Student for the selected Reporting Terms. This report also includes Primary Contact Name and Phone Number. In excel format.Student Exception Credit- Displays credit exceptions for students per course section.


EMIS Update:

FY21 Staff and Course Collection closes January 29, 2021. 

When this collection closes you will no longer have the opportunity to make any further updates to you TLCS Teacher Licensure Course Status report.

Initial Staff and data is used to provide data for Local Report Cards (LRC), certain state and federal funding, and for ODE program evaluation and planning. TLC data will also be used for ESSA State Licensure Assurance Report, ODE Federal programs office in auditing the use of Title funds and by ODE to calculate percentage of courses as part of the Equity Analysis Tool provided to district.

For the 2020-2021 school year with HB164 Licensure flexibility, a superintendent may employ or assign an educator to teach a subject area or grade level for which the person is not licensed that is within two grade levels of the person's licensure grade band in any subject. To qualify, the teacher must have a resident or professional license and 3 or more years of experience. If applicable, the check code type will be F on the TLC report. If you have teachers that should be valid with these exceptions, you may want verify years of experience is being reported correctly on the staff demographic record (CI).


FY21 CTE March Concentrators Appeals – Closes January 22. 2021

Traditional districts, community schools, and joint vocational school districts required to report career-technical education follow-up data in EMIS may review the students included in their 2021 March (D) lists. Received files- 2021D_CTE_MARCHD_CONCNTRTS_20201222.XLS

 If the list is incorrect due to misreporting of concentrator data in EMIS, please review the guidance document for completing an appeal. Use the form in OH|ID titled Data Appeal for CTE March Concentrator

This is the only opportunity to update the students on your March (D) list. Districts will be able to appeal placement and assessment data during the March (D) appeal process after March (D) closes. However, there will be no changes to the list of students after the January 22 deadline.


Reminder: Please make sure your districts are updating Free/Reduced lunch values regularly.  It is possible that a new P-EBT project will be signed into law.  We will keep you informed. 


ODE EMIS Training Dates

In order to assist EMIS Coordinators and their districts with scheduling.  ODE EMIS Trainings dates, January through June, are now available for registration. Training dates can be found on the EMIS Training webpage and the EMIS Google calendar.

Sessions will be provided via Microsoft Teams and registration is currently available in the STARS application with the OH|ID portal – Training and Registration.


Taking attendance using the seating chart is updated in the upcoming 20.3 release.

On the Seating Chart, you can now click All Present while entering daily or period attendance to indicate that no students are absent and that attendance has been taken.


View this helpful video to create your seating chart:


Special Services

AASCD Decision Making Tool

ODE is working on how to include this new tool on the IEP forms that they posted online. A formal compliance date for using the decision-making tool has yet to be determined. With future guidance from ODE, Frontline will decide when to update the IEP forms in SpecialServices. This is scheduled for a spring release.

  • In SpecialServices, on the State and District Wide Testing form for IEPs, when you answer Yes for Is the child participating in the Alternate Assessment for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities (AASCD)?, the AASCD Participation Criteria form is added to the IEP as a required form.
  • IEP teams are now also required to use the new decision-making tool to collect and evaluate specific data points to determine whether a student should participate in the AASCD.
  • We recommend that you print and attach the decision-making tool form to IEPs which I have attached.  For more information about this tool, please refer to ODE's website at: Ohio's Alternate Assessment for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities (AASCD)

Please let Denise Marrali (Marrali[at]NEOnet[dot]org) or Bethany Ladich (Ladich[at]NEOnet[dot]org) know if you have any questions.



Does your district share students with other NEOnet district(s)?  StudentInformation District Trust allows you to view the shared data from your district with the shared district in DataMap, similar to EZ Query and Grad Points. This will allow the sharing district to view data such as: assessment data, interventions and RIMPs.

The Home School District enables the district trust with the district who shares the student(s).  In StudentInformation at the District level go to:

            Management > District Administration > District Trust

  • Pencil the District you are allowing to view your Shared Student Data
  • Select DataMap
  • Click   Save


Once the home school enables the trust, the district who shares the student on the Student Roadmap will notice the   icon next to the data from the home school.

Note:  The shared information will display even if the student has withdrawn from the Home School.


Student Services Update