Content Filtering Update:

As we discussed at our January Technology Advisory Committee Meeting, we have completed the Content Filtering RFQ.  There were 5 submissions from the following vendors:

  • Securely
  • Lightspeed
  • GoGuardian
  • Linewize
  • iBoss

We looked at all the solutions not only from a CIPA compliance standpoint but also from a Student Safety perspective.  The classroom management tools were a less important factor but were taken into consideration.  After careful review, Securly and Lightspeed both met the needs of the consortium from a CIPA compliance and Student Safety perspective.  Securly was the clear filtering and student safety winner from a pricing perspective, but Lightspeed's filtering capabilities were considered much more advanced and feature-rich.  Lightspeed had greater setup flexibility and the DNS based filtering was more robust from a reporting perspective.  NEOnet will be offering both filtering products to our customers next year, but each school district will have to choose prior to the new fiscal year so we can budget for the changes.  Once pricing has been finalized, NEOnet will send out a survey asking each member how they would like to proceed for the next school year.

All of the results from the RFQ, including the recorded Zoom sessions of the product demonstrations, can be found in the Technology Coordinator Google Shared drive.  If you have any questions or need any additional information, please don't hesitate to reach out.


External Customer Vulnerability Scanning :

In a continuing effort to improve security within the consortium, NEOnet will be conducting external vulnerability scanning through the department of Homeland Security for all our consortium members.  We will be sharing these reports on a monthly basis with all our customers who have items in the scan that require remediation.  We will provide those customers guidance on remediation as well as follow up reports to ensure those vulnerabilities have been resolved.  More information on this topic will be shared in our Technology Advisory Committee meetings as well as by email in the near future.


Technology Advisory Committee Meeting:

Our next Technology Advisory Committee Meeting will be on  Thrusday February 4th at 9:00am via Zoom.


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