Electronic Resource Preview

OHIONET has again arranged an Electronic Resources Preview for K-12 libraries in Ohio from February 1 to March 1 this year. The Preview will feature most all of the titles and vendors librarians have requested for by name, along with a few new resources as well.. A link to the Preview site will be sent to the INFOhio listserv on the morning of the February 1st, it will also be announced on the OHIONET website (www.ohionet.org) and it will be forwarded to all NEOnet library staff. At the Preview site, you will find links to the resources available arranged by title, by vendor, and by category. Product descriptions and special considerations will be indicated for each product by title. Pricing and ordering information will be available on a separate list that will be posted on the INFOhio website.

Why use Google Chrome? Here's Why!

You might think that there is nothing less important than what internet browser you use in your school. There are many options out there. Some of the most known might include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. The lesser-known browsers can range from Opera to UC. In my previous job, I taught in an elementary school. We had a computer lab that ran off a single server with 20 virtual desktop clients connected to it. We had both Chrome and Firefox on these units for students to choose. This made teaching challenging because there seemed to be areas where Firefox excelled over Chrome but the same the other way around.
Top reasons why I think Chrome is the best browser for you, your school, and your students
1. Stability. Google Chrome is very stable. Remember the days of opening up a tab in Internet Explore and having it freeze? Then, the entire program would crash. This is something that you don’t have to worry about in Chrome. The reason is that Chrome is built in such a way where pages are loaded in its own separate environment. This means if a page fails to load or crashes, only that tab will be effected. In very rare occasions have I have crashed all of Chrome, and that was only because my physical hard drive had an issue.

2. Speed. Similar to the last point, this point has a lot to do with Chrome and its ability to load pages in separate environments. Barring any kind of hardware issue, you should be able to load as many tabs as you need and not see slowdowns.

3. Design. The design of Chrome is simply beautiful. It is a low key, minimalist design that will not distract students, staff, or others. Other browsers have a steep learning curve as well, but not with Chrome. The URL bar is also a search bar, the back and forward buttons are all you really need, and the interface doesn’t take up a lot of screen space. This is great for younger students who might be new to the internet.

4. Omnibar. The Google URL bar is a lot smarter than we think. You can search, ask questions, do math problems, search websites, and so much more from the actual search bar. Many other browsers have a separate bar for searching the web. You can also speak to your browser with Google’s amazing voice detection software.

New NEOnet Class Offerings

In addition to the Library Service’s normal Workflows trainings, the department has begun expanding offerings in conjunction with JC Williams, NEOnet’s Technology Integration Specialist. January classes included Online Tools for Differentiation, INFOhio Resources for Science and Math and Google Classroom for Your Classroom. Other upcoming classes include Google Lit Trips for The Language Arts Classroom, Google Forms for Attendance and Online Testing Skills. You can register for these classes at http://www.neonet.org/calendar/view-list/technology-integration.  Feel free to contact Tamra, Noah or JC with suggestions for future topics that would benefit you or your teachers!

The next Media Services Advisory Committee meeting will be held on Wednesday February 28th from 8:30am until 11:30am. During the afternoon, 12pm – 3PM, library staff will be meeting to share ideas, work on district library newsletters and share resources. Please plan on joining us and sharing your knowledge and experience.

Librarian's Update