Minimum Wage Increased 1/1/15

Ohio's minimum wage increased to $8.10 an hour for non-tipped employees Jan. 1, an increase of 15 cents triggered by inflation.  The annual pay for a worker making minimum wage will climb to just under $16,850, an increase of about $310 over 2014.  The minimum wage for tipped employees will also increase to $4.05 an hour, up 7 cents from the current rate of $3.98.  Ohio is one of 23 states that have a minimum wage higher than the $7.25 federal minimum. Washington has the highest rate at $9.32 per hour. 


The increase will benefit workers employed by Ohio companies with annual gross receipts greater than $297,000 a year.  Workers at Ohio companies that have annual gross receipts under $297,000 are covered by the federal minimum wage rate.  That rate of $7.25 an hour cannot be changed without approval of Congress.  Ohio voters amended the state constitution in 2006, tying the state's minimum wage to the Consumer Price Index for a 12-month period that ends Aug. 31.  The index for urban wage earners and clerical workers increased 1.6 percent over the previous year. 


EMIS Newsflash – January 16, 2015

The following message will be sent to superintendents and treasurers early next week:


Expenditure ranking update

The Ohio Department of Education is preparing for the Thursday, Jan. 22 addition of expenditure data to the online report card of each school district, as well as to each community school, STEM school and school belonging to a traditional district. Data from FY2014 was submitted by districts by Sept. 30, and schools were given a short window in October to make adjustments. The department loaded each school’s and district’s data, including overall expenditures per pupil, expenditures by category, revenue by funding source, and ranking by percent of spending on classroom instruction into the Secure Data Center (SDC). The final SDC reports are now available. Schools are asked to review their data and notify the department of any issues. Before the expenditure rankings and data are published on the public website, please review your district’s data, and contact Jim Long at james.long[at]education.ohio[dot]gov immediately if you have questions or concerns.


SDC Release Note

For a small number of districts (12), some of the enrollment from a building (typically a preschool building) is not being included in the district total enrollment. This only impacts the expenditure per pupil number, causing it to be slightly higher than expected. Since there are rankings based on this number, fixing the issue could cause the rankings of districts beyond the 12 with this issue to shift. The enrollment calculation should be fixed before the information is made public on January 22nd. A new release note will be published via Newsflash when the issue is fixed.


Optional Five Year Forecast FY15(P) Reporting Period


The optional 5 year forecast reporting period is currently under way and the manifest has been added to the SIFWorks Data Collector. If your district has made changes to your forecast that you would like to submit, the period will be open from 11/7/14 – 3/31/15.  If you need assistance just e-mail the fiscal team at fiscal[at]neonet[dot]org and we will assist you with submission.  The following are the specific details that ODE has communicated for this release.  


Tyler-Munis Software Update

There has still been no word that the contract negotiations between OASBO/MCOECN and Tyler Technologies have concluded.  For the time being the project has been put on hold with the 1/1/15 wave of 10 districts being asked to stand by. 


Meeting Reminders

January 23rd - 5 County OASBO Meeting at the Akron Food Bank at 12:00

January 29th - Insurance Committee Meeting at 1:30

February 13th – USPS Roundtable at NEOnet from 9:00 to 11:00

February 16th – NEOnet is Closed for Presidents’ Day

February 17th – Fiscal Open Lab at NEOnet from 9:00 to 11:00

February 19th - Treasurers’ Operating Committee Meeting at NEOnet at 12:00

February 20th – 5 County OASBO Meeting at NEOnet at 12:00

February 27th – USAS Roundtable at NEOnet from 9:00 to 11:00

Fiscal Update