Biennial Audit
On Monday September 16th, Charles Harris began their audit of the Metropolitan Regional Service Council (MRSC) for the years ended June 30, 2012 and 2013.  The Auditor of State’s office had originally planned to perform this audit however, during June they granted MRSC an extension agreement enabling us to continue to use Charles Harris for this audit.  Charles Harris has performed the MRSC audits since 2004. 

Printer Maintenance
I will be distributing a letter to all consortium members that will serve as an official notice with regards to printer maintenance contracts.  Printer maintenance is not a service the consortium has decided NEOnet should provide.  Therefore, to ensure payroll and accounting service at your district is not disrupted by a printer malfunction, you will need to have a printer maintenance contract in place.

While NEOnet is always here to help in any way possible, we are sending this notification so that in the event of a failure, it is understood that NEOnet does not provide this service.  Any district contacting NEOnet for printer hardware failures will be instructed to call Data House for repairs.

Lexmark Printers
Many of you are currently using Lexmark OptraForms printing solution.  This is the product your district currently utilizes to print checks and purchase orders from USAS and USPS.  The OptraForms product consists of a couple pieces of software and a specialized printer.  Unfortunately, Lexmark has made the decision to discontinue the OptraForms product and all hardware associated with it.  If at some point in the future the OptraForms hardware inside of your printer fails, a replacement part will not be readily available.  At that time, you will require an alternative printing solution to take the place of OptraForms. 

There is no way to predict when this will happen, so we are trying to be proactive and avoid any printing emergencies.  The good news is you do not necessarily need a new printer as any printer that uses MCR toner should work.  If you do have an emergency printing situation, NEOnet is also able to help print your checks for you until your new solution is in place.

NEOnet is recommending the use of Ultimate EDGE.  This is a product from EDGE Document Solutions, LLC.  EDGE has partnered with the Management Council of The Ohio Educational Computer Network (MCOECN) since 2000 and more than 425 OECN Member Districts already use EDGE as their laser printing solution.   Over 300 of those districts are using Ultimate EDGE.

I will be distributing more detailed information very soon including EDGE pricing and contact information.

Period H Data Submission
We are nearing the end of Period H.  Period H or the Financial FY13 Reporting Period opened July 30th and closes September 30th.  ODE is once again threatening to withhold up to 10% of your Foundation Settlement monies until you have met your submission goals.  As always we are happy to submit the files for you.  

Fiscal Update