You Can Upload Member Enrollment Files with e SERS
School districts can now upload a Member Enrollment file through eSERS.  This new application allows employers with multiple enrollments the option of creating a single file and uploading all enrollments in one easy step. 

SERS Monthly Submission File
Each time you use the secure File Transfer Protocol (sFTP) to submit a file to SERS, you will receive an email to acknowledge our receipt of that file.  You will receive an acknowledgement email for each file you submit.  If you submit more than one file, you will receive more than one email.  If you submit your files through an Information Technology Center (ITC), (all NEOnet USPS districts are filed by NEOnet) you will receive confirmation of the file’s receipt by SERS.  Once you receive a confirmation email, you can be assured that we received the files you sent via the sFTP. However, this acknowledgement of receipt does not mean the file did not contain errors or was accepted for process in the SERS system.  A SERS staff member will contact you if the file contained errors.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact SERS Employer Services toll-free at 877-213-0861 or via email at employerservices[at]ohsers[dot]org

USPS Redesign Milestone #5
The next public milestone release of USPS-R is now available.  You can find information about the Milestone releases on the SSDT's Wiki at:


For this milestone, there have been significant improvements to both the importer and payroll process. SSDT has also rewritten the Employee user interface into a completely new style with previous and next buttons and "lockmode" style editing. You can find the new interface under the "Employee Experimental" menu item. This is similar to the new vendor interface included in USAS-R.

BWC Rebate Guidance Reminder
By now, all districts should have received the celebrated BWC rebate reflecting approximately 56 percent of your 2011 bill.  The Auditor of State Office advises you to return the total premium rebate to the accounts from which is was paid.  This should be a simple reduction of expense for many however, if you paid any portion of your premium from now closed grant accounts, you will have to contact the appropriate grantor agency to ascertain your course of action.  For the complete AoS bulletin containing the guidance follow this link AoS Bulletin 2013-007.

New Federal Audit Clearinghouse (FAC) Internet Data Entry System (IDES)
The Auditor of State released AoS Bulletin 2013-008 November 1st explaining the new FAC.  “The Federal Audit Clearinghouse (FAC) is the federal entity that collects single audit forms and reporting packages, and maintains the database of the completed single audits.  The SF-SAC Data Collection Form (DCF) is the federal form that summarizes the results of single audits auditors perform under the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-133.  The FAC planned to launch a new Internet Data Entry System (IDES) on Monday, October 7, 2013.  However, due to laps in government funding and the federal government shutdown, the FAC postponed its launch date to November 13, 2013 or earlier.”  For the complete bulletin follow the link above.  

Fiscal Update