State Software Discussion
Don’t forget that NEOnet is hosting a demo of the Tyler Munis Accounting Software June 17th. 

NEOnet Property Tax Exemption
May 22nd I received the final determination from Tax Commissioner Joseph Testa on MRSC’s application for exemption from real property taxes.  The Commissioner has approved the exemption, orders that the property be listed as property exempt from taxation for tax year 2013, any penalties and interest paid for this tax year be remitted and that the property will remain on the list until either the County Auditor or Tax Commissioner places the property back on the list.  We elected to not pay any taxes or interest while this determination was being made so we do not have to apply for a refund.  I was surprised to see the determination as I had heard that we could be waiting up to three years for a final determination.   

EMIS Period H Submission
Period 14H is currently open for submission of financial data.  Period 14H opened on 5/2/2014 and closes on 8/20/2014.  ODE released new USAS validations last Friday that will test your current financial data, even though it is not complete yet.  ODE is recommending that the districts start doing submissions now to validate their financial data.  Any VALACT fatal errors should be cleaned up before doing a period H submission.  It is also necessary to update the USAEMSEDT Cash Reconciliation record to balance with the current FINSUMM cash total, and to update the Federal Summary record to fiscal year 2014.  Please email the fiscal team if you would like assistance in the preliminary Period H submission process.

USAS and USPS Fiscal Year End Meetings
They are approaching fast.  USPS is scheduled for June 6th and USAS is June 13th.  Please make sure to send a district representative to each meeting.  These meetings are not only helpful for keeping up with current software changes but also a great way to network with colleagues.  The meetings will also highlight popular questions or review best practices.  

Meeting Reminder
The next Treasurers Operating Committee meeting is Thursday, August 21st from 12:00 to 2:00.

Fiscal Update