5 Year Forecast Submissions
All of NEOnet’s 5 Year Forecasts were successfully uploaded to the data collector by May 31st.  If you find that you need to update and re-submit your forecast, a new reporting request is now available.  This new request allows optional 5 Year Forecast submissions through August 16, 2013.  Even though this is a separate collection request, any updates to the 5 Year Forecast submitted through this collection request will be displayed on the 5 Year Forecast webpage in place of any previously submitted 5 Year Forecast submission.

Updated Data Submission Requirements Document for FY13N Posted
An updated Data Submission Requirements document for the FY13 Yearend (N) Reporting Period has been posted.  It can be found under Reporting Responsibilities on the new ODE EMIS web page here. The dates were updated to move the Initial Warning date to reflect the actual opening of the reporting period and one Out of Compliance date was removed.  Of importance here are the funding penalties for not meeting submission requirements. 

Account Code Changes For Per Pupil Rankings
The new expenditure codes have been received from SSDT, installed, and ready to use.  Added codes are 2240 (Instruction Related Technology), 2953 (Statistical Record Services), and the 34xx series (Shared Services). 

The 2125(Pupil Record Maintenance Services), 2960 (Administrative Technology Services), and 3000 (Operation of Non-Instructional Services) function codes and the 881(Awards & Prizes) object code have been renamed. 

Please note, the 218* (Support Services for Students with Disabilities) series of function codes have NOT been renamed at this time. Districts should not begin using these new definitions until FY 2014. A new file will be released in July containing these additional changes.

Eliminated functions have also NOT been deleted as valid codes yet. These are still valid for FY 2013 and will be removed once the FY 2013 EMIS-R reporting period H has closed. The eliminated functions should NOT be used for FY 2014.

To access all the information ODE has assembled for us so far, follow this link. Expenditure Per Pupil Rankings

As of last Friday the Auditor of State has also released an updated USAS manual with the new codes.  Follow this link to access the new manual.  AoS USAS Manual

Logging Out
It is very important to remember to log out of the accounting programs at the end of each work day.  Right now a NEOnet employee logs in every night after hours and checks to make sure all users have logged out.  The following backups occur for your district if you are logged out of the system and do not if you are not logged out.   

  • Daily at 11 PM, the regular backups start. 
  • Building OINQ/VINQ – starts at 3 AM nightly.  (If in EIEIO, program aborts)
  • Converting/Optimizing the files starts at 2 AM Sunday mornings – (If in files, program does not work properly)
  • Wednesday night maintenance – 8 PM to Midnight.  The system is offline.  
Fiscal Update