Time & Attendance RFQ –
The time & attendance committee met 2/14 for a pre-quote question and answer session.  Representatives from ADP, Kronos, Time Clock Plus and Timeware participated.  Quotes are due March 1st. 

Paperless Forms RFQ
The paperless forms system committee is meeting 2/20 for it’s pre-quote question and answer session.  Quotes are also due March 1st. 

Reflections File History Menu
CY 2012 has been added to the PRIOR_YRS history information.  You may now type prior_yrs at your menu prompt and access CY2012 information for both USAS and USPS.  This data is for informational purposes only. 

W2s & 1099s
All district W2s and 1099s were successfully generated, printed and delivered.  Over the next couple of weeks they will be submitted to the Social Security Administration (SSA) to verify that all social security numbers are valid and accurate.  Once that has been completed they will then be submitted for filing to SSA, IRS, RITA and CCA. 

Log Out Reminder
Each night NEOnet runs a program to back up your records.  This is done automatically.  However, if you park yourself in a Reflections screen such as USASCN ACTSCN and go home for the night this backup will NOT occur.  The system cannot backup your records and will skip your district.  At present, an employee of NEOnet waits until the work day is over, checks to see who is still logged into the system and, logs them out manually.  If we do not do that, your district records for that particular day will not be backed up.  Please stress to staff the importance of logging out of the system, particularly at the end of the work day. 

FYI - Purchase of Other Service Credit Rules to be Revised
State law allows SERS members to purchase service credit for out-of-state and other school service, and gives SERS the discretion to determine the eligibility criteria for purchasing this service credit. Currently, members can purchase this service credit if they work full-time for 12 continuous months under any of the Ohio retirement systems and any amount of time in a SERS position. Pending approval from the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review, SERS would like to amend the eligibility standard to require that the member work full-time in a SERS-covered position for one year.

FYI - Member Files Now Completely Digitized
In a project that took 30 months to complete, all of SERS' 804,000 member files are now available digitally, meaning staff members have immediate access to member records through their computers. In all, 17.5 million images were created, and all of them were reviewed to ensure they were readable.

The digital imaging project became a priority in 2010 to improve customer service, ensure that all member records could be recovered in the event of a disaster, and convert member files into a format that is compatible with the new member benefits computer system that will begin to be used in 2015. During the project, any misidentified records also were reorganized into their proper files. This project was completed on time and $180,000 under budget. All paper records now will be scanned and digitized as soon as they are received.

Fiscal Update