Fiscal Application Documentation

Documentation for the fiscal and all other sub-systems of the state software package has been created by the State Software Development Team and is available via their web site at the link below.  In addition, some helpful links are listed below.

Note: To view some fiscal documentation you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader


EMIS/Fiscal Spreadsheets 


ODBC/Safari Software - Installation & Documentation

The State Software Development Team has provided NEOnet the ODBC/Safari software package which enables you to create reports of your financial data using Microsoft Word, Excel and/or Access.  You can use the point and click method to access your data stored on the NEOnet server.  Please read and follow the Download Instructions below to begin the process of installing the ODBC/Safari software package on your personal computer.

IMPORTANT: ODBC/Safari software package is compatible for 32-but versions of Microsoft Excel ONLY. See instructions for steps on how to check your version of Excel.


FTP Client

WRQ's FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is used to transfer files such as USAS and USPS reports to the desktop or spreadsheets.  Click on the link listed below for detailed instructions for setting up FTP client.


OOS Checks