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All trainings are currently being held Webinar. Please look for the connection details on the calendar appointment or reach out to us.
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2/18/21- DASL Batch Scheduler 12:30 PM
2/23/21- EMIS Alliance Troubleshooting FTE Reports 1:00 PM
3/2/21- EMIS Alliance Troubleshooting CTE Reports 12:30 PM
3/8/21- DASL Course Request Mass Update Groups demo 1:00 PM
3/11/21- DASL Batch Scheduler 9:00 AM
3/26/21 EMIS Alliance SSID Workshop 9:00 AM

Final Forms-  The vendor Final Forms, one of the student online registration vendors that integrate with DASL/SIS, is doing a series of informative webinars to enhance your usability with the product including its use with DASL. You can find the full list of trainings, descriptions, and webinar links on both our NEOnet site and the Final Forms site: 

PEBT- During the PEBT project NEOnet offers you a file of students who are free/reduced, homeless, or disadvantaged. The file is in the template requested by OECN/ODE/JFS plus some additional fields to help you review your file. NEOnet has a quick survey asking about your requests on the file for the next round. 

Data Collections opened in February

FY21 Staff and Course Collection Final – February 8, 2021 – August 06, 2021

FY21 March Follow-up Collection open Feb 4, 2021 – April 16, 2021
CTE (career-technical education) Workforce Development Follow-Up data is reported during this collection. Additionally, CTE Technical Assessments (GY) and Industry Credentials (GW) may be reported for the same set of students. The GV and FA records are the only record types collected.  Level 2 reports currently included:

(CTFL-001) CTE March Follow-Up Extract (All Students) - Finalized list, including additions and deletions based on approved Concentrator Appeals – Read only for district-level reference.

 (CTFL-002) CTE March Follow-Up Extract for FFE - Finalized list, including additions and deletions based on approved Concentrators Appeals. Imported to Flat File Editor for updating with survey results and data submissions.  Exports from FFE to upload to Data Collector.

FY21 Career Tech Accountability Assessment Collection- Feb 11, 2021 – Aug 6, 2021

Collection is required for any entity that administered a Career Technical Assessment. This includes, CTE Technical Assessment (GY) and Industry Credential (GW)

FY21 Other Accountability Assessments Feb 11.2021 – Aug 11, 2021
Collection is required for any entity who have students that were administered Non-Statewide assessments that impact accountability, such as Industry Credential, International Baccalaureate, Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), American College Testing (ACT), Advanced Placement (AP), and ACT WorkKeys .

SDC Closing

The Secure Data Center was closed Thursday, February 11, to transition over to 2020-2021 school year data. Reports for Analysis and Local Report Card dashboard reports are unavailable at this time.  The Secure Data Center will re-open on Thursday, February 18, with additional Reports for Analysis being made available in the Attendance, Enrollment, K3 Literacy, and Test Results folders. When additional reports become available, notification will be sent out in an EMIS Newsflash and the Secure Data Center - Status of Reports webpage will be updated.

Roster Verfication

The Roster Verification data submission period will be opening in the near future.  Districts are currently running the extracts to clean up any records that should not be appearing in the files.  Verifying that there is no missing staff email addresses and valid Credential ID’s, which are required for Roster Verification. Records for nurses, secretaries, and other non-teaching staff (excluding principals, assistant principals, etc.) may be ignored. Student file must contain a valid SSID. Roster file needs to be verified that all student enrollment records include stop and start dates.

Professional Development

EMIS Alliance Troubleshooting FTE Reports

February 23, 2021   1:00pm – 3:30pm

EMIS Alliance troubleshooting CTE FTE Reports

March 2, 2021   12:30 – 3:00pm

EMIS Alliance SSID Workshop

March 26, 2021   9:00am – 11:30am

New Education Delivery Model, hardware and Connectivity ReportingTBA 

Review of the new requirements reported through DN records and programs codes.



Google Classroom Sync

Signing in to Google Classroom from GradeBook

  1. On the desired class’s Class Dashboard, below Assignments and Marks, click Google Classroom Sync.

  2. The Sign in Google Accounts window opens.

Note: You must have all pop-up blockers disabled for ProgressBook so that the window can open.

  1. On the Sign in Google Accounts window, select or enter the desired account information and log in to Google.

Note: The first time you log in, you may also have to confirm that you want ProgressBook to be able to access your Google information.

  1. You are now logged in to your Google account in GradeBook and you can sync assignments and marks.


Syncing Assignments and Marks for Default or Custom Setup 1

  1. On the Class Dashboard for the desired traditional class, under Assignments and Marks, click Google Classroom Sync. The Google Classroom Sync screen displays.


  1. In the Assignment Types column, select the GradeBook assignment type to which you want to categorize one or more Google Classroom assignments.
  2. In the Google Classroom drop-down list, select the desire class.
  3. Beside the assignment(s) whose marks you want to sync, select the checkbox(es).
  4. Click Next.            
  5.  Review and select marks, click Sync and Sync is Complete! 

Note:  When you import grades from Google Classroom, students’ year-to-date averages recalculate automatically.

Syncing Assignments and Marks for Custom Setup 2

  1. On the Class Dashboard for the desired standards-based class, below Assignments and Marks, click Google Classroom Sync.


  1. In the Assignment Types area, select the GradeBook assignment type to which you want to categorize one or more Google Classroom assignments.
  2. In the Assessments area, below the desired report card, select the checkbox beside each assessment you want to associate with the imported assignment.


  1. In the Google Classroom area, a Google Classes drop-down list displays containing your available Google Classroom classes, including section information.


  1. In the Google Classroom drop-down list, select the desired class.


  1. Beside the assignment(s) whose marks you want to sync, select the checkbox(es), Click Next. Review all marks for accuracy, and then click Sync.


Special Services

Special Services has had several updates recently and highlights include:

  • All grid columns are the appropriate width on the print preview.
  • On the IEP Extended Services form the “collect further data and reconvene” question displays regardless of whether you select Yes or No for the “ESY services” question so that the IEP team can indicate that they want to reconvene at a later date even if ESY services are deemed unnecessary.


  • Creating the 504 Plan from an existing 504 Evaluation the information copies over correctly
    • Describe the nature of the disability
    • Describe the basis for the disability
    • Describe how the disability affects one of more major life activities
    • Describe the impact of the disability
  • Progress Reports copied goals and objectives from an IEP if there were attachments they copied over, this is corrected for any new Progress Reports created.

Please let Denise Marrali (Marrali[at]NEOnet[dot]org) or Bethany Ladich (Ladich[at]NEOnet[dot]org) know if you have any questions.

Student Services Update