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                                                                                Nevertheless, She Persisted….March is National Women’s History Month

In 1987 Congress designated March as National Women’s History Month.  This designation was the culmination of years of lobbying State and Federal Government by Women’s groups who knew the importance of highlighting the many accomplishments of Women.  If you would like to highlight some of the many accomplishments of Women, INFOhio has a variety of FREE resources available online via your PC, Mac, Chromebook, tablets and phones.

Looking for books about influential women for younger students?  BookFlix is an extremely entertaining and educational resource.  Jane Goodall and Rosa Parks are represented with Picture Books that can be read to students, and nonfiction books students can read on their own.





For older students you can find information on Toni Morrison, Jane Austen, and other important women authors in the Literary Reference Center




Information about astronaut Ellen Ochoa, Governor Nellie Tayloe Ross, Olympic Champion Wilma Rudolph, actress/singer Rita Moreno and other Women scientists, politicians, athletes, and entertainers can be found in World Book Student,w_268,c_limit/content/pc324605.jpg,w_268,c_limit/content/pc374047.jpg,w_268,c_limit/content/pc307865.jpg,w_268,c_limit/content/pc315053.jpg





However you decide to highlight the important contributions Women have made to society, INFOhio has the resources you need.


                                                                                                              Teach with INFOhio Blog- INFOhio Loves Reading

INFOhio celebrated the month of February with a series of posts to their Teach with INFOhio blog ( entitled INFOhio Loves Reading. The three posts feature professional development, digital literacy, and connected texts, all using both INFOhio free electronic resources and curated free outside resources.

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Technology Intergration Services Update

Add-Ons for Google Slides

Back in October 2017, add-ons came to Google Slides, joining fellow G-Suite Apps Docs, Sheets, and Forms in the add-ons department. While the other apps have a robust amount of content, add-ons for Slides have been slowly trickling out each month as developers create content. Here are a few recent additions to the Slides add-on store that you may want to start using to create more interactive and engaging presentations.

Icons by Noun Project

The Noun Project has developed a huge library of Icons (think clip art but modern) for Slides users to easily add to their presentations. The free account is limited to 100 icons, require attribution to the creator, and black as the only color option, with the option of applying for a discounted education account for $19.99 a year, which includes more icons, color options, and no attribution requirement.

AudioPlayer for Slides by EdTechTeam

If you have been looking to add audio narration to your Slides presentations for Flipped Instruction or just want to add some music to your lectures, the AudioPlayer for Slides add-on makes it easy to import and loop an audio track. Currently the add-on only allows for one audio track to play over the entire slide show, but you can set it to start and stop after a certain amount of time.


Slides offers a limited variety of themes for presentations and while users can edit the master slide to create new themes, it can be tedious to adjust color options for every possible component in a presentation. Paletti simplifies the process by offering up a variety of pre-created color options as well as tools to create your own color schemes in a user friendly format. You can even create a color scheme based on the colors from by an image in the presentation in the Tools menu.

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