eSERS Update

The new eSERS System launched on February 27th.  SERS will be releasing registration information via email in waves between February 27 – March 10th.  Districts can then begin to upload their files from their February pays.  Verify the district is ready to “Go Live”. Review the checklist below with your staff so you are ready to go live along with the new eSERS.

New Registration Required:

  • New registration emails will be sent to all Employer Web Administrators (EWAs)
  • EWAs will setup eSERS access for all users in the district
  • Registration emails will expire in 24 hours

Payroll Schedules:

Are entered based on per pay reporting (only if not entered in the Test Site)

If You Use a Contract Company:

  • Setup the organization (e.g. ABC transportation)
  • Setup user access (assigning a user to the contract company guarantees proper access)
  • If a contractor has access to the current eSERS, you will need to contact Employer Servers, employerservices[at]ohsers[dot]org,  so we can assign user access to the contract company in the new eSERS

According to the SERS latest communication there will be no penalties during the adjustment period to the new system.

NEOnet has been working closely with the State Software Development team to iron out any issues with the files needed to upload. 

Directions for FTPing (flying paper) the SERS file to your desktop for uploading to eSERS:

When you run SERSREG to “Create the tape” it displays in the list of the reports generated back at the menu prompt. The file naming convention is below:



YYYY = Year the File was Generated

MM= Month the File was Generated

DD = Day the File was Generated

## = Version of the file


Error Adjustment files:



YYYY = Year the File was Generated

MM= Month the File was Generated

DD = Day the File was Generated

## = Version of the file

A = Error Adjustments processed through Payroll

You will need to FTP (flying paper) the file to your desktop.

When you FTP, similar to the ACH tape, you will need to type under the Host File Names:      

oecn$dta:SERSYYYYMMDD##.SEQ – repeat for each file.

New Fiscal Staff Member

NEOnet's welcomes Roxanna Bennett to the fiscal team as Fiscal Services Support Specialist.  Roxanna comes to us from Nordonia Hills City Schools where she was responsible for payroll for 10 years. Roxanna's primary responsibility will be supporting USAS/USPS.  She can be reached at extension 601133 or at bennett[at]neonet[dot]org.


Upcoming Meetings and Trainings

3/3/17                9:00am                eFinancePLUS workflows training       NEOnet lab

3/29/17              9 – 3pm                Fiscal Open Lab                               NEOnet lab

Fiscal Update