February was an exciting month and I want to thank everyone involved in making our open house a success.  It was great to see so many familiar faces and the student panel discussion was informative and interactive.   It was nice to learn from the students we all support.  NEOnet will look to continue this type of student panel discussion in the future.

Did You Know          

Did you know the last time NEOnet had a fee increase was FY10.   The fee went from $14.25 in FY09 to $16.00 per ADM in FY10.


The 9th annual NEOtech conference is scheduled for Thursday, March 16, 2017 at the Kent State University Student Center. Once registration opened, the available slots were filled up in less than two-weeks!   We currently have over 550 Teachers, Administrators, and Technology staff registered for the conference.  The theme for this year’s conference is “All In Tech”.   You can find more information about the conference at www.neotechconference.org.  Please contact me if you were unable to register for the conference.  

Open House

We would like to thank the individuals who were able to make it to our Open House event on Tuesday, February 7. It was so wonderful to see everyone there. Again, it is because of all of you that we are able to offer the most cost-effective programs to help you do your job and provide your students with the best educational experience they deserve.

We hope you enjoyed the open panel discussion and hear your local high school students’ perspective on how technology impacts their learning and what they believe technology will provide for future students. This was a valuable experience for our team and district members to learn first-hand how students feel. The students you serve are at the forefront of our minds as we anticipate the changes that will take place with technology in the coming years and continually look for proactive solutions to help you serve them. 

Board of Directors Meeting

The next Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 7, 2017 at 9:00 a.m.   The March agenda will include recommendations to amend the appropriations, personnel items, and a software purchase.  The meeting minutes for all of the Board of Directors meetings can be found at http://neonet.org/content/board-directors

The Board of Directors is represented by:  

·        Brian Poe, Copley-Fairlawn City Schools, Chair of the Assembly

·        Ben Moore, Portage Lakes Career Center, Vice-Chair of the Assembly

·        Walter Davis, Woodridge Local Schools, Assembly at Large Member

·        Daryl Kubilus, Cloverleaf Local Schools, Assembly at Large Member

·        James Robinson, Manchester Local Schools, Assembly at Large Member

·        Deborah Krutz, Kent City Schools, Treasurer Committee Chairperson

·        David Forrest, Revere Local Schools, Treasurer Committee Co-Chairperson

·        Mark Pepera, Brunswick City Schools, Treasurer Committee Co-Chairperson

·        Kurt Gwin, Tallmadge City Schools, Program Committee Chairperson

Customer Satisfaction Survey

As part of our strategic and continuous improvement plan I will be asking our owners to answer 13 question customer satisfaction questions.  The survey will allow you to provide your thoughts and ideas regarding ways to improve the services provided to your school district.  The survey results will be shared at the May 1, 2017 Assembly meeting.   

Stakeholder Feedback

Based on the feedback from the advisory committees, customer surveys, and stakeholder focus groups the districts priorities, needs, and desires of the council are:

·        Cost Reduction

·        High Availability

·        High Levels of Customer Service

·        Expanded Service Offerings

·        Competitive Product and Service Offerings

The key areas of improvement for FY17 are:  

·        Marketing of NEOnet Services 

·        Managing Continued Growth of the Council

·        Organizational Change Management

·        Service Desk Application

·        Proactive Network Security


Recommended Article

In this All Things PLC page, Sarah Schuhl recommends the following websites that support effective teamwork and instruction:

               • EDSITEment – www.edsitement.neh.gov has standards-aligned lesson plans, student resources, and close readings in ELA, foreign languages, art and culture, history and social studies.

               • Classkick – https://www.classkick.com is a free formative feedback tool to use with high-level student tasks. The teacher uploads the tasks, has students complete them on a device, and can then view each student’s work and provide feedback.

               • Newsela – www.newsela.com provides topical informational texts at different Lexile levels, some with quizzes and some in Spanish.

               • ReadWorks – www.readworks.org provides informational and literary texts at varying reading levels with question sets, as well as elementary lessons and units on reading comprehension.

               • Literacy Design Collaborative – www.ldc.org has teacher-created lessons and modules geared to college and career readiness in ELA, social studies, science, and math, including task templates, rubrics, and student anchor papers.

               • Illustrative Mathematics – www.illustrativemathematics.org has math tasks geared to Common Core standards.

Reference: “Websites to PLC By” by Sarah Schuhl in All Things PLC, Winter 2017

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