All training will be held in the NEOnet Lab (unless otherwise stated) Please sign up using our calendar links:

1/5/17- School Year Initialization for 17/18 12:30-3:00 PM

1/10/17- School Year Initialization for 17/18 9:00-11:30 AM

1/10/17 – SUDENT SERVICES Open Lab 12:30 PM -2:30 PM

1/13/17- Special Services User Meeting 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM Room A

1/19/17- School Year Initialization for 17/18 9:00-11:30 AM

1/19/17 – SUDENT SERVICES Open Lab 12:30 PM -2:30 PM

1/20/17- EMIS Alliance Troubleshooting SIS Data and Fed Child Count Workshop 8:30 AM- 11:30. ROOM B- Please bring a laptop

1/20/17-Ad-Hoc Training 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM
1/20/17- ODE/ITC EMIS January Training 1:00 PM – 3:30 PM

1/26/17- Public Course Request 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM


DASL (Student Information) Update
Have you tried the Ad Hoc Report: End of Course Performance Summary?

This report will assist in summarizing a student’s end of course assessment performance levels. If a student has a sum of performance scores less than 18, the total will be highlighted red. This report will also highlight Biology and Physical Science scores so the reader can focus on those scores if one or more need to be eliminated. Lastly, the report can be used help you identify students who have a test score but are missing a Performance Level/associated points.



To get to this report go to the breadcrumb trail of: Local>Ad-Hoc Reports
Open up the Eligibility Folder
Right Click on End of Course Performance Summary
Click Execute As
Choose the export (HTML, Excel, PDF, RTF, or CSV)

If you have any questions on this report, please contact studenthelp[at]neonet[dot]org.








EMIS Update:
Current EMIS Data Collections:
FY16 OELPA Assessment Collection now open through February 3, 2017
FY17 Kindergarten readiness Assessment Collection now open through February 17, 2017
FY17 “L” First Staff/Course Collection through February 28, 2017
FY17 Summer/Fall End of Course Assessment Collection now open through April, 21, 2017


  • ELA Bridge Form: Based on feedback from the field, we are updating the Bridge Form with more features to assist in submitting Early Learning Assessment (ELA) student’s scores. As a result, the Bridge Form will be unavailable until we have completed our updates. In the meantime, we ask that you hold on to your current scores that you can later incorporate into the updated version of the Bridge Form. We appreciate your patience and will notify you once the updated Bridge Form becomes available.

  • CCP: ODE has started loading FY16 district data. Once the FY16 data load is complete, ODE will start loading FY17 data. Newsflash will go out once data is loaded.
    Reminder to check graduations report that have been made available, located in the Files tab in the Data Collector. 3 different reports containing EOC Performance, substitutes for EOC and a summary of both indicating where a student is at in the overall graduation Pathway.

Training Sessions:

NEOnet will be hosting another EMIS Alliance Excel workshop to demonstrate how to utilize Excel with the EMIS reports from ODE.   This is a great opportunity for you to evaluate your reports using Excel which would be helpful with your SIS reporting.    In this session, we will revisit the use of Excel to Troubleshoot SIS Data for EMIS Reporting and Troubleshooting the Federal Child Count report.  For this session, you will need to bring your own laptop.  

To register you can click here: 01/20/2017 - 8:30am to 11:30am EMIS Alliance Troubleshooting SIS Data and Federal Child Count Report Workshop

The January ODE/ITC Trainings have been scheduled. Training will include topics related to the Invalid Cert Report – Reporting Process Review, Data Sources Review and Troubleshooting the Report.   Registrants are able to select a date that best fits their schedule at the time of registration. Prior registration is required and is now available in the STARS application. A SAFE account and completion of the STARS User Profile are required in order to register. Search for keyword “EMIS” within the STARS application to locate the trainings.

  • Friday, 1/20/17: 1:00–3:00pm (Registration deadline: 1/19/17, 5pm)
  • Monday, 1/23/17: 10:00am–12:00pm (Registration deadline: 1/20/17, 5pm)
  • Tuesday, 1/24/17: 1:00–3:00pm (Registration deadline: 1/23/17, 5pm)
  • Wednesday, 1/25/17: 10:00am–12:00pm (Registration deadline: 1/24/17, 5pm)
  • Thursday, 1/26/17: 1:00–3:00pm (Registration deadline: 1/25/17, 5pm)

NEOnet is hosting a skype session on Friday, January 20, 2017 – 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm in Room B. To register you can click here.

ProgressBook GradeBook Update 
Extra Credit Marks
In the latest software update of GradeBook, the extra credit marks now show in Red on the GradeBook Grid.  Teachers can now easily glance at the Gradebook Grid to find assignments that students received extra credits.


Special Services Update

Admin System Configuration

          Attachment Size

  • Staff with the role of Master or School Administrator now have the ability to set the file size for Attachments.  The default is 10 MB and can be increased up to 20MB.  This will eliminate users needing to upload documents in packets of 2 or 3.


                Default School Year

  • Staff with the role of Master or School Administrators now have the ability to set the default school year.  This will be helpful for school districts who write IEPs in May for the following school year.  You can now change it to the following school year.  *Please note that teachers may adjust the school year as needed.



Reminder: Special Services Meeting

Date:  Friday, January 13, 2017

Time:  9:00 – 11:00

Where:  NEOnet Offices Room A

Register at:

Student Services Update