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Search for Snow-proof Lessons using INFOhio’s Educator Tools

Could school be canceled tomorrow? Take a few minutes today to plan for your next cancellation day. Use INFOhio's Educator Tools to find standards-aligned lessons and student learning activities for all grades and all subjects that your students can complete from home. 







Search Educator Tools for “Blizzard Bags” to access INFOhio’s inquiry-based lesson plans complete with activities, differentiation strategies, and formative assessments. Each bag is aligned to Ohio’s Learning Standards for ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Updated for the coming wintery season, your students can be bundled up with a Blizzard Bag regardless of the tech available at home because the bags provide tech and tech-free options. Check them out today (before the snow falls tonight)!

Grades 9-12: Social Networking Safety

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Technology Integration Services
As we come to the end of 2018, now is a great time for teachers and schools to reflect upon how they have been using technology in the classroom. Some teachers use imaginative methods and tools to engage their students, while some teachers struggle with getting a hang of the technology at their disposal. Here are a few choice pieces of advice.

  • Take the time to learn how to use the tech tool. You can do this by attending a Tech Integration training session, watching a quick YouTube video, or asking your students. We have heard many stories of teachers recruiting students to be their tech helpers to assist other students or troubleshoot a teacher’s devices so they don’t have to waste their time trying to get the computer to behave properly.

    Keep an open mind and try not to feel overwhelmed. Educational Technology is constantly changing and new tools and platforms can be very beneficial to a classroom, but it is too much for a busy teacher to keep up with. Every now and then talk with your technology integration specialists or read some EdTech websites or blogs. Here are some great sites that always have good info about the latest in EdTech: | | | |

    You don’t have to be an expert, be a user. You don’t need to know everything about every tech tool you use. Teachers should focus on what they need to enhance their lessons and help better reach their students. So here’s the advice: start with an idea or plan for a lesson or activity, then go find the piece of technology that can do it for you. It’s silly to learn everything about a tech tool to end up never using 99% of what you learned!

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