Fiscal Software Migration Status

2020 Calendar Year W2 and 1099 Submissions

There have been some changes with reporting for W2/1099 submissions for Calendar 2020. The biggest change is who is responsible for submitting the information to SSA and the IRS. Below is a flow chart to help with the process. Once all districts have migrated from Classic State Software, each district will submit their own W2s and 1099s. Until then, NEOnet will continue to assist districts with this process, as needed.

Another change this year is the reporting of the 1099-NEC. In the past, one 1099-MISC file could be uploaded to the IRS (via FIRE) and would be submitted to both the IRS and the State. All 1099-NECs will now need to be reported to the IRS (via FIRE ) and the State (via OBG).

Please contact Kim Fassnacht (fassnacht[at]neonet[dot]org) if you have any questions or concerns.

Tax Filing Submission Due Dates:

SSA (W2s)                                                           February 1, 2021

State of Ohio (W2s)                                             February 1, 2021

1099 MISC and NEC to IRS and State               February 1, 2021

Cities, RITA and CCA                                        March 1, 2021


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