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All training will be held in the NEOnet Lab (unless otherwise stated) Please sign up using our calendar links: 
12/19/19- Ad Hoc Reports for Intermediate 9:00 AM-11:00 AM
1/7/20-DASL SYI for 19/20 1:00-3:30 PM
1/10/20- Special Services User Group Meeting 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM Room B
1/15/20- DASL SYI for 19/20 9:00-11:30 AM
1/15/20 – ODE/ITC EMIS January Training 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM Room B
1/15/20- Student Services Open Lab 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM
1/22/20- DASL SYI for 19/20 12:30-3:00 PM
1/23/20- Public Course Request 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM
1/27/20- DASL SYI for 19/20 9:00-11:30 AM
1/27/20 – STUDENT SERVICES Open Lab 12:30 PM -2:30 PM

DASL (Student Information) Update

Preparing for the 2020-2021 school year is here! Are you anxious about how you are going to get all your students scheduled for the next year? NEOnet has a new scheduling service where we will schedule your students for the 20/21 year for $2.00 a student. The goal of the scheduling service is to complete your "Batch" of student schedules that typically occurs this later winter or springtime. The $2.00 amount will be changed times the number of students that are ran through the batch scheduler or for elementary it will be the total number of students we bulk assign to courses. The school building must provide master schedule (paper, excel, other electronic formats), but NEOnet will enter all changes and additions up until the end of the current school year. Any master schedule changes made after the schedule is finalized will still be completed by the district.  NEOnet will also mass add student requests, execute the batch scheduler, clean up errors, and attempt to get a high percentage of your students scheduled. NEOnet will work closely with the guidance department on errors, concerns, of suggestions we might have. The guidance staff will never be locked out of scheduling and can still make any changes or manual schedules they desire.  If you are interested in using the scheduling service contact us soon at studentservices[at]neonet[dot]org

DataMap Update
A few data reminders:

  • I-Ready
    • Districts that use i-Ready test assessment, please re-load i-Ready assessment data.
    • Previously DataMap was not importing the most recent scores for the students, this has been corrected in the 19.4 update.
  • KRA and Preschool ELA once the data is updated in StudentInformation, please remember to navigate to DataMap to import the scores from StudentInformation.
  • Fall 3rd Grade OST data
    • The data became available to load into StudentInformation on Monday, December 9th
    • Once the data is loaded in StudentInformation again you will need to navigate to DataMap to import the scores
    • Admin > Import Assessment Scores > State > OST > 2019-2020 > Fall
    • Select Import from StudentInformation

As a reminder, the OST Standards Lists displays the Grade 3 Reading Promotion score along with the ability to sort the Grade 3 Reading Promotion score and capability to exported the page to excel

Select Assessment Type- Standards OST; Subject- English; Year- 2019-2020; Grade = 3 Then click Find
After the data appears Click Heading of Grade 3 Reading Promotion to Sort the Column
Lastly click the icon to Export to Excel

EMIS Update

ODE has a new webpage for EMIS Changes to provide information to districts in a more efficient manner.   The new site lists changes that have been approved and scheduled for release along with release date and basic information about the change.    Note: Releases are scheduled for every other Thursday.

Completed and Released Changes

  • 20-14(a)  CTE Industry Credential Reporting
  • 20-16  FY20 New Industry Recognized Credentials.
  • 20-25  MAP Tests for DPRs
  • 20-34  Develop Level 2 FLICS report (63593, 68683)
  • 20-37  ORC 3319.074 requires paraprofessionals working in a program supported with Title I funds to be properly certified
  • 20-53  Positions previously reported as separated now reported as continuing.
  • 20-63  New Checks on Staff FTE (67008)
  • 20-93  Possibly remove Score Not Reported option Q (75585)
  • 20-106(a)  RIMP program code revisions
  • 20-111  Add Credential CJ07 back to EMIS Manual
  • 20-113  FY19 CTE Student Program Code Definitions
  • 20-126  Remove students who were in the  prior year  KRA missing from the current year KRA missing
  • 20-128  Update to Reporting Instructions to DN Record- PBIS Implementation Stage.
  • 20-129  Modify the Grad Cohort process in regards to students open enrolled into a JVSD.
  • 20-136(a)  Remove and deactivate subject code 990371. 

Changes scheduled

December 19th:

  • 20-77(a)- Planning some new CTE level 2 assessment reports
  • 20-88- For a new program CODE FOR CTE, code is already listed in change description. Can report in both 2nd and 3rd student collection and grad collection\

EMIS Alerts

There are two new alerts EMIS Coordinators can opt to receive from ODE.   Navigate to the ODE website and at the bottom, click Sign-Up for Alerts.   Under Education Management Information Systems, there are two new alerts – EMIS Validation and Report Explanation Updates and EMIS Change Updates


ProgressBook GradeBook Update 

Set Required Homerooms for Daily Attendance

Semester 2 is just around the corner.  If you have Semester Homerooms remember to update Set Required Homerooms for Homeroom Attendance which can be found under Attendance, Clerical, or Principal.

  • In the School drop-down list, select the desired school building.
  • To designate how the list of results should be sorted, in the Sort By list, select one of the following options: Homeroom, Last Name, Period, Term
  • Click Search.

Note: Depending on your district’s settings, newly imported homerooms and classes may either be selected or deselected by default

  • Click Save.

Special Services Update
The NEOnet Special Services team are continuing to move forward with migrating districts to the new Sps Refresh.   The newest districts to migrate were Buckeye on 11/13, Mogadore on 12/3, Tallmadge on 12/6, and Edge & Akros on 12/9.  We are preparing to move Lake Erie HS, Summit Academy, Medina, & Woodridge over the holiday break. 

Many items were installed with the 19.3 & 19.4 Release

  • System Configuration for Medicaid Form screens
  • More features on the Student Profile Special Ed tab
  • Create New Document on the Special Ed Tab
  • District and Personal Banks were moved over
  • Print IEP Summary


Virtual Classroom Update

VirtualClassroom (VC) is an LMS part of the ProgressBook suite.  VirtualClassroom is available for all to use starting today!

VirtualClassroom has many features that are very advantageous for a teacher.

  • Teachers may easily and quickly create an online assignment.
    • VirtualClassroom is part of the teacher’s gradebook
    • All the student’s in the teacher’s gradebook are automatically available for VirtualClassroom, no need to ‘sync’ students/assignments
    • Since VC is built on-top of teacher’s gradebook if groups are created for the class, VC assignments can be designated just for a single class group
    • Teachers have the option to easily align questions to academic standards
    • Choose from multiple question type options
    • Import multimedia (videos, images, animation, audio) into questions or assignments
    • Preview what students see
    • VC online assignments are kept from year to year.
  • Students complete the online assignment with their Student/ParentAccess account. 
  • Assignments are auto-graded and automatically updated in the teacher’s gradebook as each student completes the assignment. 
  • Teacher easily view each student’s completed assignment or the entire class.
    • Individually student by student
    • Entire Class


Student Services Update