W2 and 1099 Filing Deadlines

Both the W2 and 1099 filing deadlines are January 31, 2018.  For State Software customers, we ask that you have your W2 and 1099 files created by January 19 at the latest. 

eFinancePLUS customers will be submitting their own W2 files to SSA and 1099s to the IRS.  If you need assistance with this procedure, please contact us at fiscalhelp[at]neonet[dot]org.


The Benefits of Fiscal Open Labs

Each month the fiscal team offers an open lab from 9 am – 3 pm. The purpose of these labs is to give district users an opportunity to receive individualized training or support on fiscal software. This is also a great opportunity to work on a project without outside interruptions.  Most open labs are scheduled for the third Thursday of the month.  We ask that when signing up for the lab, you indicate approximately what time you will be here and what you will be working on. This ensures that we are prepared to help you when you arrive. The next fiscal open lab is scheduled for January 23.  You can sign up here.


Excel Training Opportunities

Basic Excel Training I                      February 2                           9 am – 3 pm       Basic Excel 1

This training provides attendees with the basics of Excel use. Discussion Topics will include cell and worksheet formatting, formula and function basics, copy and paste features, print setup and user views.

Basic Excel Training 2                     February 8                           9 am – 3 pm       Basic Excel 2

This training provides attendees with an introduction to some widely-used formulas, including COUNT, CONCATENATE, IF AND PMT. Attendees will also learn additional tools, such as sorting and filtering, as well as basics on charts and graphs.

Intermediate Excel 1                      February 15                        9 am – 3 pm       Intermediate Excel 1

The first session of intermediate Excel training will include an overview on more advanced formulas, such as VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP, linking spreadsheets and using absolute values.

Intermediate Excel 2                      February 22                        9 am – 3pm        Intermediate Excel 2

In the second session of intermediate Excel training, attendees will learn basics on conditional formatting, pivot tables and macros. Other topics that will be covered as converting text to columns and duplicate removals.


Upcoming Meetings

2/14     Treasurer's Operating Committee Meeting @ Noon


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