Data Analysis for Student Learning

NEOnet  provides software, support and training for DASL to assist participating schools in maintaining the following, click on the link to learn more about the service offerings:  

  • Attendance Tracking
  • Grade Reporting
  • Student Scheduling
  • Discipline Tracking
  • Fee Accounting
  • Grade Transcripts


Broadband Ohio, Innovate Ohio, and ODE building Ohio student Internet access map
The Governor’s Broadband Ohio and Innovate Ohio offices along with ODE are seeking to map student access for remote learning across Ohio. They are seeking assistance from the Management Council and Ohio’s ITCs. Superintendents will be hearing from their ITC very shortly seeking answers to the following:
1. Do students have home Internet connectivity?
2. Do students have access to a device to connect to the Internet from home?
Address data will be the only data collected in order to build a map that documents student access across Ohio. This data will yield a highly accurate map of student access. The objective of creating this map is to inform policy and funding decisions as leaders seek to promote equity and support remote learning opportunities, especially in light of the uncertainty surrounding reopening schools later this year.

Minutes & Handouts from the DASL Admin Roundtable in September 2016

Minutes & Handouts from the DASL Admin Roundtable in April 2016