Meeting Reminders:

The next Technology Advisory Committee Meeting is Thursday September 7th, 2017 at 9:00am. 



The landscape of filtering is changing drastically and in turn our consortium has to change how we view and support this technology.  The concept of inline filters has dominated this space for many years, and that methodology is starting to change how this industry is defined.  With the growth of Chrome OS devices and an industry standard move to secure web traffic, content filtering has become quite a much more difficult task to accomplish effectively.  Cloud filtering has become a much stronger player in the market and the needs of schools are changing.  We will be developing an RFQ document with all the consortium filtering requirements needed so that we can effectively evaluate all the products available to our members.  This will then be used to pick two or three vendors to provide a two hour in dpeth demonstration of their product and how it meets the needs of the consortium.


NEOnet Website

The new NEOnet website is now in production and is the landing page for and  The purpose of the new site is to increase communication to our customers about technology trends, while providing some additional information for potential customers considering NEOnet as their ITC.  Our existing site has now been moved to and all the information you are accustomed to seeing is still availble at the new URL.  We will eventually be moving to an authenticated platform in which to provide this content.  There will be a plenty of notice and communication prior to moving that conent behind an authenticated webpage.  Please keep an eye out for those communications in the future so we can effectively inform all the NEOnet users of when this change is coming and how it affects them.


Video Conferencing

NEOnet, in a partnership with Copley-Failawn City Schools and Wadsworth City Schools, have truly put video conferencing to work to improve student education.  The two schools districts have begun sharing teacher resources over video conferencing and providing courses to studetns they might have missed out on otherwise.  The simplistic nature of the six digit dialing on the video conferencing unit makes setting up these calls very easy for the teachers and students, while the new video end points have drastically brought the cost of deploying this solution down while at the same time improving video quality.  NEOnet hopes to grow this video service among all our customer to try and create a catalog of centralized learning opportunites to share among all our members.  While there is a lot left to accomplish in order to make this a reality, this is a postitive start what could be a very impactfull change in k-12 education.

Technology Update