SOC1 Audit Released

NEOnet’s Service Organization Controls (SOC1) Type 2 Audit report has been released by the Auditor of State.  NEOnet’s system and controls are functioning properly and effectively.  This is an annual audit performed by the Auditor of State for the period April 1st through March 31st.  A Type 2 report includes a description of the service organization’s system, a description of the tests of controls and related test results by the service auditor.  The report is available for download on our website at the bottom of the “About Us” page -


Quarterly Bank Reporting

In accordance with our building loan debt covenants, we are to submit cash basis financial statements to Firstmerit within 60 days of each quarter end.  Cash basis financial statements were filed with Firstmerit July 16th for the quarter ended 6/30/15.


Annual Auditor of State Filing

In accordance with Ohio Revised Code Section 117.38, NEOnet is required to file annual financial reports with the Auditor of State’s Office within 60 days of year end.  Filing was completed with the Auditor of State 8/12 using the new AFDRS reporting system.  The reports are submitted on a Modified Cash Basis which requires Notes to the Financial Statements, Entity Wide and Fund Statements and Budget vs Actual worksheets.  NEOnet is on a biennial audit schedule with our current period ending 6/30/15 so we will have auditors contacting us to perform our Financial Audit for the period 7/1/13 – 6/30/15. 


Implementation News

Each year the number of districts implementing programs to improve their efficiency grows.  The Kiosk and Requisition Approval Manager are currently the most popular.  NEOnet currently has 22 districts using The Kiosk in one form or another and 8 districts using RAM with an additional 4 working on implementation. 

AESOP to Kiosk integration is also available and we now have two districts up and running with 5 working on implementation.  This is popular because data entry time and error are removed from the process.  Data entered into AESOP flows into the Kiosk and then into USPS removing the need to print timesheets and then hand enter them. 

If you are interested in hearing more about current integration possibilities feel free to contact the Fiscal Team. 


EMIS Period H Submission

This year’s EMIS Period H submission period is June 19, 2015 - September 30, 2015.  This collection is required for all EMIS reporting entities. This financial reporting period includes school accounting information, capital assets, and other miscellaneous data types. Source file(s) for at least some record types must be uploaded in the appropriate EMIS format through the Data Collector Data Sources tab. Most accounting data may be collected via SIF in those districts using USAS.  The Fiscal Team is submitting your files as they come in. 



The Annual Employer Statement for FY2015 is now available on eSERS. Any "Amount Due To SERS" is payable by Wednesday, September 16. Any amount we not received by then is considered late and subject to a penalty.  They ask that you provide a completed Payment Remittance Form when making your payment. You can submit the required Payment Remittance information online through eSERS.  If the amount due is less than $50, you may carry the balance forward to FY2016.


SERS Surcharge

The Employer Surcharge Report is now available on eSERS. There will not be an Initial Surcharge Report this year. This is the Final Employer Surcharge Report. Although this is the Final Surcharge Report, you are still able to review the report and exempt any employees that are showing on the report incorrectly.   The surcharge applies to all SERS members reported during the fiscal year except, members who died before July 1 and those reemployed Ohio public retirees. 


Ohio Withholding Tax Tables

The OHIO percentage withholding tax tables have been updated for August 1, 2015.  We received this information on Friday, July 31 and updated the table as soon as possible.  The Biweekly, Semi-Monthly, Monthly and Annual pay periods for the OHIO Withholding taxes have been updated.  FYI –The Ohio tax amount has been slightly reduced as of August 1, 2015. Therefore, if Ohio tax is taken out of an employee’s pay check, the pay will be slightly higher. 



September 7th, Labor Day Holiday

September 8th, Board of Directors Meeting @ 9:00

September 18th, 5 County OASBO Meeting @ 12:00

September 23rd, Fiscal Open Lab – All Day by Appointment


October 2nd, USPS Roundtable @ 9:00

October 16th, USAS Roundtable @ 9:00

October 20th, Fiscal Open Lab – All Day by Appointment

October 21st, Treasurers Operating Committee Meeting @12:00

October 23rd, 5 County OASBO Meeting @ 12:00


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