Firewall Upgrade

We are scheduling our firewall software upgrade for September 9th during our normal maintenance window after 9:00pm.  The firewall software upgrade will move our existing firewall from 32bit to 64bit, not only doubling the number of concurrent connections it is capable of, but also increasing its total possible throughput.  This upgrade will carry us through another successful year, but will not future proof our current firewall deployment that is starting its sixth year in production.  Our focus over the next year will be on next generation firewalls that can scale to meet our bandwidth requirements as well as provide additional security capabilities.  We will take the next six months to carefully review all the options and choose the right platform for our organization next year.

Core Switch Upgrade

We are tentatively scheduling the upgrade of our core switch at the NEOnet primary data center on September 23rd during our normal maintenance window after 9:00pm.  We have already completed the update at the DR site in our summer initiatives so we will fail all services over to the DR site during the conversion.  This should limit the impact on the consortium during the conversion.

Call Manager and iManage Upgrade

In the near future we will be upgrading all of our hosted VOIP call manager and iManage servers to the latest version.  This will help prepare us for an integrated video deployment initiative we are beginning in the next few weeks.  We will also be preparing for LDAP integration and for a certificate replacement on all the servers.  Of all these tasks, the certificate replacement has the most potential for disruption in service by affecting the VOIP handsets.  The handsets will need to accept and import the new certificate.  If they have an issue doing so, they might be a factory reset in order to accomplish this task.  We provide ample notice before choosing a date to deploy the new certificates so that everyone on the service is aware of when this will take place and how it could affect them.  In addition, we will also provide detained instructions on how to reset all the different phone types in our consortium.


If you have any questions or need any additional details please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email zolla[at]neonet[dot]org.

Technology Update