Meeting Reminders:

The next Technology Advisory Committee Meeting is Thursday September 4th, 2014 at 9:00am. 


Internet Connectivity Update

As discussed at last year’s Technology Advisory Committee Meetings, NEOnet is currently moving to a new 10G circuit for connectivity to the K-12 network.  This will allow us to increase our bandwidth up to ten times what we were limited to previously to.  It will also introduce two new Cisco high powered edge routers to ensure our redundant internet connections are up and running without any latency.  The process has already started and will have two phases.  Phase one will move our current connection to 2Gbit for an immediate increase in bandwidth effective August 27th, 2014.  Phase two will move the connection to the full 10G bandwidth in mid-September.  The move to 10G on both the OARnet circuit and the Time Warner circuit, will allow NEOnet to increase our bandwidth to 4Gbit for the 14-15 school year.  This should provide amble bandwidth to consortium to ensure a quality online learning and testing experience.  NEOnet will continue to monitor bandwidth and will increase our capacity at the first signs of heavy utilization.  As always, please feel free to contact zolla[at]neonet[dot]org with any questions or concerns.



ManageEngine is a new distributed administration tool available this year to replace EmpowerID.  It provides a cleaner and easier to understand interface while provisioning users much faster than our previous tool did.  The testing and purchase of ManageEngine happened in a very short time frame, so please bear with some of the issues a new tool like this presents with.  We are working very hard to get the tool tuned to our environment and are very confident it will stabilize and prove to be a huge improvement over EmpowerID.  The support we have received from the company has already surpassed what we were previously accustomed to.  If you have any questions about the new tool or have run into any issues please contact helpdesk[at]neonet[dot]org and let us know so we can continue to improve the user experience for you.  We appreciate your patience and feel the outcome will far outweigh any issues you might experience today.

Technology Update