Ryan Pendleton

NEOnet Board of Directors member Ryan Pendleton has recently accepted the Akron City Schools Treasurer position.  He will be replacing Jack Pierson who served in that role for 21 years.  Ryan has been a member of the NEOnet board since 2012 and will resign from his position on the board at the September 9th board meeting.  His leadership and know how have been a tremendous asset to NEOnet and we wish him the best of luck in his new position. 


Tyler-Munis Software

8/14/14 OASBO/MCOECN/Tyler distributed their plan to offer Tyler’s Munis software to state of Ohio school districts as an alternative to current state software.  This plan defines the waves of implementation, pricing and a description of the business model.  The following is a brief summary of this release.  For the actual release follow this link - Fiscal Software Committee Documents

Munis will be implemented in waves beginning 1/1/15.  The first wave will include 10 districts at 10 different ITC’s and begins 1/1/15.  You must indicate your interest to be in this wave by THIS Friday - August 22nd.  Projected waves will happen as follows; 1/1/15 – 10 districts, 1/1/16 – add 20 districts, 8/1/16 – add 25 districts, 12/1/16 – add 50 districts.  Waves of 50 would continue every 4 months until all have been implemented. 

The pricing model states that the costs include a Fixed Implementation cost of $14,050/district, a Variable Implementation cost of $16.98 per ADM, an ongoing annual fee of $11.17/pupil and local ITC fee for support.  A second release dated 8/15/14 detailed the costs of the software with a spreadsheet to aid in determining the cost for individual districts.  For this release and an associated excel spreadsheet calculator follow the link above.

OASBO/MCOECN plans to enter into an agreement with Tyler Technologies to make all of this a reality. This is being worked through legal very aggressively in order to solidify this plan. 

BWC Rebate Announcement

For the second year in a row the Bureau of Workers Compensation is returning $1 billion dollars to the employers of Ohio.  Each employer’s rebate will reflect 60% of what they were billed during the last policy period which is January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012 for public taxing districts.  Checks will be distributed in October.  Employers who report through a Professional Employer Organization should receive their rebate from their PEO, which is required to pass a portion of the rebate on to their members.


Implementation News

The Fiscal Team is currently working with member districts on the following procedure efficiency producing implementations! 


Timeware - Norton, Revere and Twinsburg

AESOP – Cuyahoga Falls

Kiosk – Maplewood added leave, Medina ESC is adding leave

AESOP/Kiosk - Maplewood

RAM – Medina ESC, Richmond Heights


SERS Surcharge

 The latest issue of the SERS Employer Special Notice is now available. Inside this issue you will find the following articles: 

                Employer Statements Available Aug. 18 and Payments Due Sept. 17

                Initial Surcharge Report Changes Due Aug. 22 and Final Employer Surcharge Report Available Aug. 25


Meeting Reminders

The next Insurance Committee Meeting is Thursday, July 31st at 1:30.

The next Treasurers Operating Committee meeting is Thursday, August 21st from 12:00 to 2:00.

The next Fiscal Software Committee Meeting is September 10th at 10:00 at Akron CSD.

Fiscal Update