Can you believe another month has gone by?   The school year goes by so quickly.  This is the eighth edition of the administrative updates and I hope they have helped to keep you updated on our latest news.   NEOnet will be hosting Cybersecurity Executive briefing on Thursday, June 8, 2017 at 9:00 a.m.   We hope you can attend this important event.  

Our spring newsletter is currently available and if you haven’t had a chance to read it, you can click on the link to get all the latest information. NEOnet Spring Newsletter

I would like to mention we have a three new employee joining NEOnet.  Please join us in welcoming Roxanna Bennett, AJ Graham, and Robert McDonald, our new Fiscal Services Support Specialists.  There primary role will be providing accounting and payroll support and professional development to participating districts.   

Did You Know

On November 5, 2012, the Assembly voted unanimously to modify the bylaws to include two additional treasurers to the Board of Directors.   The Board of Directors, who meets six times per year, is made up of five Superintendents, three Treasurers, and one Technology Directors.   

May Assembly Meeting

All of the recommendations passed by majority vote.  The following five Superintendents were elected to represent the Assembly on the Board of Directors;

  • Brian Poe, Copley-Fairlawn City Schools, Chairperson
  • Ben Moore, Portage Lakes Career Center, Vice-Chairperson
  • Walter Davis, Woodridge Local Schools, At-Large Superintendent
  • Daryl Kubilus, Cloverleaf Local Schools, At-Large Superintendent
  • Jim Robinson, Manchester Local Schools, At-Large Superintendent  

We had a great discussion about Cybersecurity.    We talked about the risks, threats, and some things that can be done today.   This includes informing and training your staff on how to be good digital citizens.  A consistent message you want to send to your end users is “You will NEVER be asked for your credentials via email or over the phone by anyone managing your technical assets.”   We scheduled a Cybersecurity Executive briefing for Thursday, June 8, 2017 at 9:00 a.m.   The agenda and meeting details to follow.   

Finance Committee

I am looking a couple of Superintendents to be part of the NEOnet Finance committee.   The finance committee reviews the financial reports and ensures there are efficient resources to implement the goals and objectives of the council.   We meet about four times per year.   The current objectives of the committee are;

  • Monitor cybersecurity and data protection procedures
  • Update the three year forecast
  • Monitor Employee Benefits
  • Oversee Parking lot Expansion and Medina County Building Project
  • Ensure necessary resources for network and hardware infrastructure

PowerSchool eFinancePLUS (eFP)

NEOnet is excited to report that, as of April 1, 2017, MRSC/NEOnet has gone LIVE on Powerschool eFinancePLUS (eFP)! After many months of learning and testing, we jumped in and began using eFP for payroll and accounting. So far, we have run two payrolls in the new system and have also been able to go through the accounts payable process from start to finish (creating REQs, converting to purchase orders, invoicing and cutting vendor checks). In the coming months, we will be implementing the Employee Access Center for our staff, as well as the Miscellaneous Billing and Receipts module for our accounts receivable process. This will eliminate the need for us to use ARF for billing. NEOnet currently has four districts with a target live date of July 1. These districts are Brunswick City Schools, Cloverleaf Local Schools, Cleveland Heights/University Heights City Schools and the Summit ESC. The districts are in the process of converting all of their payroll and accounting data and will be performing payroll parallels in the next two months. We will keep you up to date as this process continues.

Video Conferencing

As NEOnet continues to embrace video conferencing as a mechanism to help support our customers while eliminating the cost of travel, we are constantly adjusting the formula to create the right environment with the fewest number of technical road blocks.  The introduction of WebEx video conference bridging has drastically reduced the complexity of scheduling conferences.  Having the bridging in the cloud offsets the cost of local resources, while leveraging the simplicity of WebEx making any end user device capable of attending and participating in the meeting.  A user can join simply by calling in on a phone, or with full video and audio capabilities on the device of their choice, including another video conferencing room.  Our latest set of modifications will bring better room participation by removing the “push to talk” limitation of individual microphones for an easier whole room microphone solution.  Using the technology to support our users has allowed us to better tune what hardware and accessories to put together to build not only a room that is easy to use, but also gives the end users the realistic feel of being on site.  We look forward to growing and expanding this service down into classroom level integration.  With the goal of expanding our customers’ ability to share resources and impact the education of students all over Northeast Ohio, we will begin to partner with our interested customers to put together a proof of concept around this strategy.  Look for more information on this topic in the monthly updates as we progress.

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