Cyber Security Reminders

With the pandemic, the amount of fraud attempts has gone up. Below are a few reminders to keep in mind:

  • Never accept employee direct deposit changes unless verified directly with the employee. Call them directly to follow up.
  • Your bank will never contact you by phone call, text message, or email asking for personal or financial information such as account numbers, passwords, or secret questions and answers. If you receive a suspicious communication claiming to be from your bank, call your banking representative immediately.
  • To avoid falling victim to fraud, encourage employees to be vigilant when opening emails from external sources, especially those that contain links and/or attachments. Here are a few precautions to take when reading and responding to emails: 
    • Look closely at the sender’s email address and domain
    • Do not assume it is legitimate because it displays a corporate logo
    • Do not open attachments from sources you do not recognize
    • Verify the legitimacy of a link before clicking by hovering your mouse over the link to reveal the real website address
    • Beware of demands for personal information, especially those with a sense of urgency

Professional Development

With the stay at home order, and the fact that most of the central office personnel are working from home, NEOnet has changed all April professional development and meeting dates to WebEx only meetings, allowing everyone to join online. You can find the WebEx details on our website under the event you are interested in attending. We will continue to monitor the need to extend WebEx only meetings into May, as needed.

State Software Migration

We are pleased to announce that both Wadsworth City and Revere Local Schools are both LIVE on USxS-R. This brings our number of districts live on Redesign to five.

USAS-R Helpful Reports

Several helpful Certification reports for USAS-R were featured in the April edition of the SSDT newsletter. These reports included:

  • Appropriation Resolution (APPRES in Classic)
  • Certificate of Available Balance (CERTBAL in Classic)
  • Amended Official Certificate of Estimated Resources (AMDCERT in Classic)

Also, information on query parameters when generating reports were explained.

You can access this information on their wiki site at April 2020.

Fiscal Update