All training will be held in the NEOnet Lab (unless otherwise stated) Please sign up using our calendar links:

4/18/19 Gradebook Roundtable 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM Room B
4/18/19 – DASL Roundtable 10:00 AM -11:00 AM Room B
4/18/19 Everything CTE with ODE 1:00pm to 3:00pm Room B (ODE will Skype in)
4/24/19 FY19 Student Checklist/Graduate Checklist Workshop 900am – 11:30am Room B
4/24/19- Middle School Mass Requests for Teams 1:00 PM- 3:00PM
4/29/19 EMIS Alliance Troubleshooting CTE FTE Reports 9:30am to 11:30am Room B
5/2/19 DASL SYI for 19/20 9:00 am – 11:30 am
5/2/19 Student Services Open Lab 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm
5/3/19 Special Services User Meeting 9:00 am Room B
5/8/19 Virtual Classroom Demonstration 1:00 pm- 2:00 pm Room A
5/17/19 DASL EMIS Exception Calendar 9:00 am – 11:00 am
5/17/19 Student Services Open Lab 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
5/22/19 DASL Elementary Scheduling 9:00 am – 11:00 am
5/22/19 Student Services Open Lab 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
5/29/19 Student Services Open Lab 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
5/29/19 - ODE/ITC EMIS Training 9:00 am to 11:00 am Room B
5/29/19- EMIS Alliance Where Kids Count Report Troubleshooting 12:00 pm-3:00 pm Room B


DASL (Student Information) Update
Have you ever ran into the issue of a student having a wrong grade level in Course History? This occurs if a user accidentally put the wrong grade level when entering a student’s Manually Entered Course History record. The fix involves finding the student in the school year where the grade level is incorrect. NEOnet has an article listed here that can step you through how to fix the Course History records.


Often when test assessment data is loaded, all the student data is not loaded due to the student demographic data in the test assessment file does not match exactly to the student demographic data in StudentInformation/DASL.  Matching your student data is easy and may be done at the time of loading the test assessment data or at a later date and time.

To ensure all your student data is loaded in DataMap use the following steps or complete instructions may be found at:   

  1. To Match students immediately after importing Assessment data:
    1. Admin > Import Assessment Scores
      1. Load your Test Assessment Data
      2. Click Match Students
  2. To Match the students at a later date:
    1. Admin > Manage Assessment Scores
      1. Hover over rows to find the bolded    arrows

  1. Click 
  2. A list of students to match will display
  3. Hover over the row
    1. Click     to match the student

  1. Information from the test assessment file will display
    1. TIP:
    2. Information may be removed from the fields to find the correlating student such as:
    3. If the first or last name is hyphenated or contains an apostrophe you may remove all of the first or last name or part of the name.
    4. Remove the birthdate, often the birthdate is incorrect in the testing file
    5. Remove one or all of the Student IDs
  2. Click Find
  3. A list of student(s) matching the criteria will display

Click the checkmark to load the assessment data for the student

EMIS Update:

FY19 Summer/Fall End of Course Assessment Collection - Closes April 30, 2019

FY19 March Follow-Up Collection – Closes May 10, 2019

FY19 Midyear Student Collection – Closes April 30, 2019

Civil Rights – Due April 22, 2019

The FY19 CTE Teacher Licensure Override request process closes April 19, 2019. Guidance and template documents are available on ODE website.

March/April 2019 ODE ITC EMIS Training – Skype

To accommodate those who were unable to travel to an ITC to attend one of the March/April ODE ITC EMIS training sessions, there will be a Skype session on Wednesday, April 17 at 1 p.m. This is considered a “make up” session for those unable to attend in person. You can register now in STARS; registration closes April 16 at 5 p.m. Note that we will not be expecting any ITCs to register for this session as they will all have already hosted this particular training.

NEW How Received Codes - There have been several questions about the new How Received codes and whether they need entered retroactively. For the code for students who are foster placed and open enrolled, if you are already coding the students as foster and going on to open enrollment the funding is fine. The code is to determine the subgroup for the report card. If the student is foster placed and open enrolled and this occurred prior to March 31, modify the current record so that the student will be in the correct subgroup

If the current FS-Standing is updated without closing and adding a new FS record and the effective start date is prior to March 31, the new codes (How Received of D, J) will take the students out of the Foster subgroup for this school year.

There is one situation that needs to be retroactive prior to the school year.  Students who are in grade 9-12, and have never been in the Foster system prior to this year 17/18, the district must backdate the codes to have the funding the same and not have them show in the Foster subgroup.

How received of D or J.

Districts do not need to use the new codes if they were ever in a Foster subgroup except for grades for grades 9-12, if they were first reported with the Foster code this year and should not have been because of the coding of the student, then the code should be changed prior to the first day of school.  If they were already reported as foster in a previous year, they are already in the Foster subgroup

Q: What codes are in a subgroup?

A: The C code and the new code G – Foster and Open Enrolled simultaneously.  The other codes will not put them in a subgroup.

FY2019 Tuition Data in ODDEX

Students reported with the new How Received Codes D and J are now appearing in the Tuition Module in ODDEX. These are the new codes for court-placed, non-foster students (D) and JFS-placed, non-foster students (J).


ProgressBook GradeBook Update 
There are several upcoming Gradebook meetings that help your district utilize the software with ease. Below is a description of which session will help you and your district the best.

The GradeBook Roundtable will be April 18 and this year, the content will include the End of Year close of GradeBook.  We will review what rolls over, what is retained, what should be documented for next year, and what can you do over the summer before integration.

The GradeBook Beginning of the Year Meeting is for users with the role of School Administrator and Master. The agenda includes a review of what rolls over from year to year, demonstrating the process of setting up GradeBook and ParentAccess for the school year, and a review of what is new in GradeBook.

Beginning of Year Setup Meetings will be available on the NEOnet Website. These meetings are for users with School Administrator or Master access and responsible for setting up GradeBook and ParentAccess for the start of school.  Integration must be completed as this is hands on.

New this year is the New/Updated Report Card testing session.  This is for buildings that have made changes to or created new report cards. Verification of marks, classes, approval and activation of these report cards will be discussed.

There are various other trainings available – Staff/Student Clean up, How a Teacher Uses GradeBook, How a Principal Uses GradeBook, and Troubleshooting Report Cards.

Sign Up for these meetings on the NEOnet website.


Special Services Update
The Special Services End of Year Meeting will be held on Friday, May 3rd in NEOnet Offices Room B. It will begin at 9:00 AM and will also be available via webinar. This meeting reviews end of school year procedures, software releases, form changes & functionality, EMIS Reporting and an open forum to discuss issues.

We ask that you please register here and indicate if you are attending via webinar in the comments box:

Additionally, NEOnet will be hosting a meeting on Friday, June 7th where Kim Monachino from the Department Office of Exceptional Children along with Software Answers will be on location. Your special services staff can learn valuable information from Kim and hear from Software Answers on the Special Services Software refresh coming in the future. Please forward the below SAVE the DATE to anyone in your district interested in learning more and earning 2.0 CEU Hours.



Please join us at NEOnet

for the

Special Service 19.0 Refresh

Kickoff Meeting

Friday June 7th




Guest speaker

Kim Monachino

Director of the Ohio Department’s Office of Exceptional Children.

Lunch provided

2.0 Hours CEUs



Student Services Update