February 2015 Treasurer’s Update

W2 & 1099 Submission

All district W2s and 1099s were successfully generated, printed and delivered.  The process begins each December as districts close their quarters for the calendar year end. 

Over the next couple of weeks they will be submitted to the Social Security Administration (SSA) to verify that all social security numbers are valid and accurate.  Once that has been completed they will then be submitted for filing to SSA, IRS, RITA and CCA.  This year NEOnet prepared 18,919 W2s and 1,253 1099s for consortium members. 


SERS Contribution Changes Coming

As of July 2015, contribution reporting will change from “monthly” to “per pay.” This means that rather than gathering the detail from several payroll files into one “monthly” file, you will report contributions with each payroll.  The change will require more frequent reporting, but less follow-up time thereby reducing time spent tracking down submission errors. 

In addition to changes in the timing of reporting, the level of detail reported is changing.  Next fiscal year you will now have the capability to report wages as “regular,” “stretch,” and “supplemental.”  “Stretch” refers to the summer pay for employees that work 9 months but are paid for 12. “Supplemental” is used most frequently for coaches.  Each type of earnings will be subject to edits specific to the type. 

For example:

• The current system rejects wages reported without days and hours, and prompts follow-up for both SERS and the employer. By marking wages as “stretch” pay, the system accepts the contribution record without days and hours, which prompts no

extra follow up. 

• Similarly, the current system seeks and flags “excessive” days or hours for follow-up communications. By marking those wages as “supplemental” for employees who might be paid only two or three times a year, like a coach, the system accepts the contribution report and reduces the follow-up communication. 

Employers that use eSERS for contribution detail reporting will need to collect the new information and begin to report on a pay-cycle basis.  SERS will post copies of the proposed eSERS input screens to the website as soon as they are available.  Employers using the state’s Uniform Staff Payroll System will probably need to change some operating procedures.  Otherwise, the State Software Development Team will be providing you with the proper reporting file structure.  Employers that run payrolls from a third-party software or that design their own system may need to discuss the necessary changes with SERS’ staff.

In order to assist you with the transition to the new eSERS portal, SERS will be offering numerous training opportunities. Training will include:

• Mandatory training this spring, which will include in-person assistance and a how-to workbook

• An on-line test facility

• On-line video simulations

If you have any questions, email Employer Services at employerservices[at]ohsers[dot]org or call toll-free at 877-213-0861


State Software Account Codes Update

Don’t forget, funds 494, 504 and 532 were removed from state software as valid funds, per Appendix A of the AoS USAS Manual back in December of 2014.  Along with the funds, a long list of functions were deleted, renamed, changed or added as well.  The now outdated manual still lists these codes as options in the accounting dimensions sections but does note in Appendix A that these codes were scheduled to be deleted/changed after fiscal year 2014.  https://ohioauditor.gov/publications.html  Hopefully an updated manual is in the works. 


Meeting Reminders

February 19th - Treasurers’ Operating Committee Meeting at NEOnet at 12:00

February 20th – 5 County OASBO Meeting at NEOnet at 12:00

February 27th – USAS Roundtable at NEOnet from 9:00 to 11:00

March 10th – Board of Directors Meeting at 9:00

March 13th – NE Region OASBO Joint Workshop at KSU at 8:30

Fiscal Update