Google Classroom - 5 Things to Know

Wednesday, December 7th 2016

Google Classroom is a useful tool for the classroom. There are many ways to use this tool and there are many things that I often see forgotten in the integration of it. This is a list of 5 things that you may not have thought about using in Classroom.

Revision History. In order to see the revision history of a document, you must own that document. Instead of having students create a document, try creating a blank document with the title simply showing the assignment name. Begin to create your assignment and add the new, blank document that you just created. Then select “Make a copy for each student”. This will make you the owner of the document and you will now be able to see the revision history.



Reuse. The reuse tool is a fantastic way of using content from other classes from the past and from the present. With this button you can post an already made post or use it again. Even when the post is in an archived class or has already been graded in the past.



Invite guardians. A new feature with Google Classroom is the ability to add parents and guardian emails. You can add the emails directly where you would add students to your class. With this option, guardians can see student progress. You can push out summaries to these guardian emails to keep guardians up to date with the progress of the class.



Beyond Student. Think about how you can use Google Classroom in areas of your professional walk. On top of using Classroom for your students, try using Classroom for organizing your PLN at school. You can create a Classroom and share documents back and forth through the Class Materials section under the About tab.



Grading. It is easier than you think to actually grade from Google Classroom. Try adjusting points and returning assignments with comments and suggestions. You will see your paperless classroom take off when you stop returning physical papers and start digitally grading and interacting.



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