Formative Assessment with Technology

Friday, November 11th 2016

This is a list of 7 ways to use ongoing formative assessment to monitor student learning. It is important to gather information as a teacher and it can be hard to get all that information in one place and to keep it consistent. Below is a list of 8 different formative assessment models that utilize technology to enhance student learning. Through formative assessment you can help students identify their strengths and weaknesses in order to target them. You can use formative assessment as a low risk assessment that allow student knowledge to flourish rather than using summative assessment that might cause anxiety in students. Check for understanding in a way that will excite students to participate! Please check out the list below! 

1. Journal Entry

Using Google Docs, have your students list main topics of their lesson. This can be broken down into an array of categories like most interesting, most controversial, or the most relevant topic from a class. Make it an ongoing Doc to keep it organized.

2. Twitter Post

Create a Google Form that only allows students to type a response of 140 characters or less. Have you students explain a certain procedure or what they learned in the class. Post one at random to the school twitter feed.

3. Poster

Have your students cite all of the wonderful information you just taught then with a Poster created in Google Drawings. Google Drawings is a quick and easy way for students to make ideas happen quickly.

4. Compare & Contrast Chart

Having students compare and contrast points is a great way to help them see the differences between two items. Using this online tool you can take this powerful tool to the web and have the students creating great maps.

Compare & Contrast Map

5. Concept Web

We have all done concept webs in the past but this one is different. You can do it on the computer with an amazing, free software. is a free site that allows you to create, customize, and export concept webs and maps to your computer or share them on the internet.


6. Exit Slip

Google Forms again, this will let you ask students questions before they leave your class. All you have to do is set up a computer or two in the back of the room and ask the students to fill out the form before they leave. If you are 1:1 then this process is a lot easier with the students simply accessing the link.

7. Top Ten List

Top Ten Lists can be great fun for your students. Asking them to list the top ten aspects of any lesson can be a great way for them to reflect on what they are learning and rank things in the order that they feel is important. This will allow you, the teacher, to check for understanding of important points. Using Google Docs you can sort and collect these lists without using paper!


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